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» Friday, August 23, 2019
Getting It All Out of the Way

Thursday was the usual grocery shopping tic-tac-toe for us. In the morning we headed to Publix, mainly for the twofers, but also to pick up those onions we'd forgotten last week, James' low-sodium lunch meat, and the low-sodium Pringles we'd also managed to forget. Next we headed to Kroger. We're hardly there any more, but James had earned "Kroger bucks" using his credit card, and they still had milk on sale, so I went in fortified with the credit, swooped up the milk and a Ghiradelli bar for dessert, and had a nice chat with a friendly cashier over the mandarin oranges, which were marked on sale, but which did not show up in his computer. He was very nice about it.

In the afternoon, we also made a trip to Nam Dae Mun, hoping they were restocking James' favorite brand of ginger tea. Alas, no. We got some thin steaks, ground pork, more Ritter "Pfefferminz" bars for desserts, and sugar-free cookies for James.

Midafternoon we also had an errand to run downtown, and that went expeditiously as well, but all that hopping around in the breathless heat sent us heading home midafternoon to enjoy the fruits of Mr. Carrier.

Today was a much less hectic day and more fun. A week ago I'd ordered this nice little table (at right) from Amazon Vine. I'd had some thoughts of using it in the spare room, but instead it ended up in the foyer, replacing an end table (more about that in Saturday's entry). One of the drawers was being used to hold recycling, some of which we've had for over a year: two laser printer cartridges, CFL bulbs (now that the LED bulbs are less expensive, I don't want the awful CFLs in the house—nasty things), old batteries. Well, yesterday I decided it was time to get rid of it instead of storing it anew. I put it all in a bag and it was in the truck.

Barnes & Noble was having its "Book Haul" this weekend, selected new and other books at half price, so we went there this morning. I hadn't seen the entire list of what was on sale, but I was hoping for a couple of things. Sadly, didn't see anything at the Akers Mill store, but James got a windfall: three Book Haul volumes and another paperback. We then went by Office Max and I turned in the two printer cartridges. Turns out I will get some credit if I buy something in the next week. Well, I'll check the sales on Sunday...

Then it was time for lunch. This week's choice was prompted by Alice's recommendation of The BBQ Place on Powder Springs Road. We had an almost full house: Alice and Ken, Aubrey, and Mel and Phyllis. The barbecue is quite good: I finally had ribs that didn't have pepper on them. James said his combo of beef brisket and shredded pork was tender and juicy. We talked about work Alice and Aubrey are doing for their church, and admired Alice's new shirt. She has a new Cricut machine and is making custom T-shirts. This had the Partridge Family logo on it.

James asked if I wanted to check out the Barnes & Noble at Dallas Highway, since indeed two of the books I was looking for were at half price. As we arrived there, clouds were building up and it was "spattering" a bit. We heard thunder as we wandered around inside, but the weather held as I picked up Susan Orleans' The Library Book and the paperback edition of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials prequel, The Book of Dust, and also a 20 percent off copy of Matthew Pearl's newest, The Dante Chamber. The sky was mostly grey when we emerged, so we tarped the power chair for the trip.

It was looking more ominous as we approached Lidl, so I went in on my own, and a good thing. James said I'd just stepped inside the door when there was a clap of thunder and it started to pour. I bought bread and chocolate, more cranberry juice for James, and, because I couldn't find one bit of ground turkey in the store, got him some lean ground beef instead. I've never seen Lidl that cleaned out of turkey!

By the time we got home, it was time for sandwiches and Perry Mason.

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