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» Sunday, August 11, 2019
And So to Shopping and Sunday

So it was a short weekend due to the doctors' appointments. While James worked on Thursday, I toddled over to Lidl to get the usual bread and found boneless pork ribs. I've been wanting to make gravy, so I got enough to make three batches. Also bought cucumbers, milk, and juice for James. I was on the "Floyd Road Supermarket Mall," so in a trice I was across the street at Kroger. I wanted to top off James' mushrooms, but I was after the Jennie-O pre-made turkey burgers. These are great quick lunches when you don't have time for anything else, especially with the Meadowcroft Farms sweet onion relish we get at the Yellow Daisy Festival, but they are expensive. Kroger had all Jennie-O products on BOGO. So I got my mushrooms and burgers and got off home.

Since we couldn't grocery shop on Thursday we had to do it on Friday after our doctor's appointment and before lunch. So we stopped at Publix on the way home from Kaiser.

By the time we got home at the end of the day on Friday, it was sweltering in the mid 90s, and we were resolved not to go out on Saturday, and that's what we did. I made gravy, reviewed books, and pottered about. James had just started taking the steroids, so he was still in a lot of pain, and didn't do much but totter around.

The one fun thing James did do on Friday was use his Amazon points to order a new Monster Hunter International book and the new Blu-ray set of Jonny Quest. So they arrived today, in time for dinner, so that we could watch a few episodes at lunch, and more tonight after James quit work. As he toiled at his telephone, I washed the master bath, washed the towels, sorted medications, fixed some things in the library, and also went to WalMart. I had to return a tank top that didn't fit and wanted to get some paper towels; eighteen items later I was trying to get in line, and only one was open and that cashier was going on break. Three people were in line at another cashier station because they'd been told a cashier was coming. I just threw  up my hands and did self-check, which was mostly what everyone else was doing. I remembered the various stories on the news lately about people walking out of Wally World with stuff. You know, WalMart, if you want people to buy stuff rather than shoplifting it, you might want to open more checkouts!

And to add insult to injury, someone had spilt something like a milkshake all over the parking space I was in. I had to go into the house in bare feet and wash off the soles of my shoes so I didn't get sticky crap on the floor.

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