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» Saturday, August 03, 2019
...And the Rest of the Story

We decided to combine business with pleasure on Friday morning and, after breakfast and the necessary perambulation of the pooch, headed to the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway. Spied a light at the end of the endless hell that is summer: saw the autumn edition of "Country Sampler" out. I've seen a couple of other autumn magazines out, but haven't gotten them—they're the pretentious ones with the expensive homes, furniture and knicknacks (and at least half of one of the magazines is recipes...ugh; having to cook now that James is on four ten-hour days is bad enough, I don't want to look at recipes, too). Not much else out now.

We came home by Lidl and got milk, also ground turkey on sale, more chicken legs, and, of course, bread. I also bought an assortment of sewing threads and more needles since they were only $2/pack for about forty.

Spent the evening watching Airdogs on Amazon Prime (it's a Canadian series about two pilots, one with a lot of experience and one who's a beginner, who travel around doing interesting things like flying with the Snowbirds, receiving lessons from a stunt pilot who lands his small biplane on a moving camper, etc.). Well, James was mostly watching. I was alternately reading the 1880 bound volume of "St. Nicholas" and working on a polar bear cub cross-stitch. morning we went over to the "Comic Con" being held at the American Legion Hall on Concord Road. Our friend Phyllis was divesting herself of some of the items in her science fiction collection; she had Star Trek and Babylon 5 items mostly. We stopped and talked to Bobby Nash, who writes science fiction and alternative history, and just had a short story published in an anthology based on the old-time radio series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. We were talking about trying to explain things to younger people, based on a hilarious experience I had yesterday trying to explain an old cartoon to a group of people on Facebook. No one knew what it meant, and the young man who originally posted it was afraid to post it because he was afraid it had sexual connotations. One woman, trying to analyze it, made it all about the devaluation of women in society! What it was was a drawing of a nurse "goosing" a patient with a cold bedpan! Bobby said he has had to explain to a bunch of  young women who Alan Alda was, because they had never seen M*A*S*H!

James bought me one inexpensive little item: a sticker of a rather rumpled post-apocalypse Lassie holding a small boy's arm (clad in a red-and-white checked shirt!) in her mouth. I got a great kick out of it.

After that we had nothing to do, and really no money to do it with anyway. So we came home and James went down to the "man cave," and I repurposed an Amazon box to hold a Goodwill donation, and listened to a bunch more of the Colonial Williamsburg podcasts. (I'm so sorry they quit doing these! I really loved them.) For supper we went up to Fried Tomato Buffet for barbecue pork ribs and chicken and dumplings (well, that's why I go there, anyway), then came home by Baskin-Robbins for ice cream, riding between rainshowers.

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