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» Thursday, July 25, 2019
Tale of the Buckhead Trip

Since I'd done shopping at Lidl earlier in the week, we needed little at Publix. James got more lunchmeat, we picked up twofers, and finally got bread and yogurt. Groceries away, what shall we do the rest of the day?

We went into Buckhead to visit the Barnes & Noble. I had one coupon left and since they seem to have the most stock, I was hoping to find something unusual.

James came home with about four magazines and a discounted game. I didn't realize Tasha Alexander's Uneasy Lies the Crown was out in paperback, but it was already discounted. So was a book about an introvert who works in a bookstore, The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. To use with the coupon I found a nifty travel book, I Married Adventure, first published in 1940, about a woman who accompanied her husband and his airplane on all sorts of nifty places: Africa, Bali, etc.

Also got the "Just Cross Stitch" Hallowe'en issue, which has several patterns that are just fall, or can be made into just fall (including a cute sheep bookmark).

Otherwise it was a quiet day. Finished up the day watching Perry Mason.

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