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» Sunday, July 07, 2019
No Boom Today

And no boom after the Fourth at all, to which Tucker enjoyed. I still had to coax him out for the next two evenings.

We spent a relatively quiet remainder of the weekend aside from the Publix shopping trip and a brief stop at Kaiser to get James a blood test before next week's doctors' appointments. Got lunch from Tin Drum on Friday, and basically hung around the house on Saturday reading. We had our Independence Day steak on Saturday night. After marinating for two days it was succulent.

Sunday it was back to the routine: towel washing and sorting meds while James was working. I also took down the Independence Day decorations before the sun swung around and made the brick-lined front porch a bake oven, and updated the little used Surface 3 tablet he bought a month ago. It had never gotten all its Windows updates and I also went in there and shut down any communicating the little rascal was doing with Microsoft and everyone else so that we wouldn't almost go over our data minutes this month (we just squeaked by last month and I think it was because the Windows computers are set up to constantly report back to Mama).

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