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» Friday, July 19, 2019
Lunch Amongst the Chores

Oh, my, I could have slept later. But then I always say that.

Once breakfast was eaten and dogwalking was completed, we decided to make a quick trip to Kroger. Milk was on sale, and we needed to pick up a few more things. At almost eleven on a Friday the parking lot was still packed. We took the car since we could be sure of carts, and did our shopping. Found a small chuck roast to cook up in the small crock pot, and also bacon-flavor maple syrup on clearance.  We do have another pork roast in the freezer...

Put up the groceries and did some tidying, then were off to Top Spice for lunch. I've been wanting to go back since we ate here for Betty's birthday in 2017. James and Phyllis had been chatting at the last Hair Day about how much he missed Myriad lunches, so yesterday I had sent out a clumsy group text asking several people if they wanted to join us. We only heard from Alice and Ken, so I must either assume I had wrong phone numbers or something else went wrong. I'll have to ask at Hair Day tomorrow.

Anyway, we had a nice meal and a good chat. Alas, Alice and Ken had to go off to Kaiser at Glenlake to discuss some medical problems as soon as we finished. Nothing better than trucking eastbound in Atlanta on a Friday afternoon. {that's sarcasm, folks}

We took care of two HOA errands on the way home. One was going to the bank, as James has been unable to access the HOA account online for over a year. We had a rough idea how much was in the account from the last time we were at the bank, but I had just bought a new account book for keeping track of the funds and I wanted an accurate number. Our previous treasurer used a bank for the HOA account that she went to frequently for work, as combining the tasks was efficient for her. It's damn near impossible for anyone working nine to five, as this bank has no late or Saturday hours at all and is around an obscure corner behind Cumberland Mall. I think we need to move the whole account to somewhere closer and friendlier, like the LGE credit union, because the place always makes me feel like I'm too poor to even walk in the door. However, the teller was very nice and got everything straightened out for us. [Later: However, we still never received an e-mail to reset the password!]

Once we got an accurate accounting from the bank (I wasn't too far off, and the real total is in the account's favor), we stopped at the post office to renew the post office box for the HOA for another year. The line moved quickly, which was good for James' back, hips, and knees (we didn't have the power chair), and the post office people nice, but we discovered that the change of account that James and the old secretary did two years ago was nowhere to be found in the paperwork. So the person had to call the previous secretary up and make sure this was legit, and then we redid the paperwork so the box is now in James' name.

We had one more HOA thing to do—pick up some light bulbs for the two spotlights at the development entrance; they have them at Batteries Plus—but James was starting to twitch in pain, so we headed home instead; we can go another day.

Spent the afternoon watching the NBC coverage of Apollo 11 that I found on YouTube. Lunch was so big (I got another meal's worth of leftovers!) that I just had a sandwich and James had some soup. Later I baked some "moon brownies" for Hair Day tomorrow, similar to the "moon cake" from six years ago (Hair Day was July 20 that Saturday, too) and we watched three more episodes of From the Earth to the Moon.

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