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» Saturday, June 01, 2019
Too Short, At Least Sweet

We have conclusively proved that a three-day weekend goes by just as quickly as a two-day one.

God, it was short.

Today we had another good sleep-in, a leisurely breakfast, the dog was walked (sadly I waited until the temps were up in the 70s; they were mid-60s when we got up), and then we ran a short errand: we went to Ollie's Discount Outlet. The tarp that James uses to cover the power chair if it rains blew out of the truck bed coming home from WHOlanta, so we needed to get another, and also another bungee cord to fasten it on, as he'd been using two smaller cords we usually use to secure gallons of milk in the truck bed. The old one rotted in the Georgia sun. I found a book about Gypsy Rose Lee and the Great Depression among the bargain books, and James, having finished Sea of Glory and really enjoying it, picked up another Nathaniel Philbrick book, Valiant Ambition.

We stopped briefly at Publix so I could run in and get the loaf of whole wheat bread we'd forgotten, and I found Mayfield Dairy had mini Brown Cows (ice cream bars) in a no-sugar-added variety. We will rotate these with the dark chocolate Oreos, peanut-butter filled chocolate Twinkies, and the dark chocolate Reese's cups for desserts.

Sadly, the weather wasn't quite as nice as yesterday. The 90s had disappeared yesterday, and although it was in the 80s, there was a very nice breeze and the sun didn't feel like it was burning through your skin when you walked under it. The breeze had died down today and the air felt a little close.

And that was the extent of our day. Farkled around on the computer. Watched the first part of Good Omens, which gave me several chuckles. Fell asleep on the sofa. We had a salad with chicken meat from the rotisserie chicken we bought on Thursday for supper with a Brown Cow each for dessert. Watched a Wheel of Fortune rerun and then decided James needed a pick-me-up and put on Strategic Air Command. I know how Jimmy Stewart feels at the end of this one, too.

My nicest surprise today came after the dog started barking this afternoon. It was the mailman delivering a very special package. You see, back when Nickelodeon was showing Lassie, I always regretted not keeping all the episodes, but it was just too much. The videotapes would have cost a fortune and I would have needed two VCRs to cut the commercials out of the episodes to keep. So I just kept my favorite episodes of both Jeff and Timmy, and eventually transferred the VHS tapes to DVD. Back then Lassie turned up regularly on the rerun circuit relatively intact. Now when it does the episodes have up to five minutes hacked out of them. Anyway, there's a gentleman online who recorded all the episodes, from the first one with Jeff to the very last Holden Ranch story, and I got the black and white episodes from him. (I never much cared for the forest ranger episodes, although the first four years with Corey Stuart were okay. I don't mind watching those episodes edited, though.) The channel he recorded them from pretty much has them uncut, although they still have the syndication titles on them. (For instance, the title cards changed at least four times when Timmy was on, but they only use the second version on the syndicated prints.) Alas, they got the same butchered version of the five-part color episode "The Journey" that we did. Too much to hope for. I'd love clean, uncut network copies.

So tomorrow begins James' workweek again, and also mine: towels need washing, medications need sorting, and I'm planning to cook some turkey and some chicken to put away for next week's meals.

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