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» Thursday, June 06, 2019
Thursday at Costco (Again)

It is amazing how much better we sleep when we go to bed later. We are night owls for certain, happily inhabiting a twilight world and then flinching from light when we wake in the morning. (One of my favorite scenes in Auntie Mame is early in the movie after Patrick has arrived at his aunt's house, and, next morning, comes bouncing into the bedroom and opens up the curtains. Mame blinks at the glare and comments "Child, how do you see with all that light?") Last night we weren't in bed until after one and woke naturally and mostly alert after nine. Then time was reserved for breakfast and dog walking.

This weekend we expect to be thwarted by the weather, as the forecast for rain grows graver each day from yesterday. Today we did make it out fairly freely, although the air was sticky-humid.

This Thursday looked a lot like last Thursday, because we ended up going back to Costco because we needed acetaminophen for James' arthritis. He can no longer take ibuprofin or naproxen, and they have the largest bottle of the capsules at the most reasonable price. So we wandered through the books, picked up Splenda and a few other things besides the pain reliever, and then swung around to stop at Publix for the twofers, including more pork chops. Of course once we had perishables we had to go home and put them up, but in a little while we mounted up the power chair and tootled out to Dallas Highway.

We'd planned to have a quick lunch at Krystal—I love their little hot dog "pups"—and we could get a cheap lunch for $6. Alas, their computer was down, so they couldn't serve any food at all, which I found tiresomely stupid. Instead we went to Burger King, two storefronts down. That was a mistake; we should have taken the extra time to go across the street to Wendy's. The bun was dreadful—really, I don't criticize bread that often, but this was terrible!—and I threw most of it away and just ate the burger, and that tasted funny, too. Did they cook someone's cat? At least the French fries were good: crispy on the outside, meaty inside, and not overly salted.

The Barnes & Noble portion of the trip was successful, at least for me. James didn't have any books in his series coming out. I found a new classic Star Trek novel about how Kirk earned the captaincy of the Enterprise. I was going to get Don't Make Me Pull Over, which has just come out in paperback, until I discovered that the latest book of Harry Dresden universe short stories, Brief Cases, had also just come out in paperback. So I had a nice brace of fictional men to tote home along with the sweet one driving, and I had Harry Dresden to read for the rest of the night. (But I nearly spit out my food when he started talking about Burger King food being good! 😀 )

We are still planning to eat most of our daily large meals on weekends during the day, but today we broke that rule and had it for supper instead; on the way home from the bookstore we stopped at Dragon 168 for some welcome Chinese nosh. Pork fried rice for me, since they make it the proper way without peas and carrots. James loves their sa cha beef combo.

Later it was time for Perry Mason, but I pretty much had my nose stuck in the Dresden stories otherwise.

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