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» Saturday, April 27, 2019
The Whole Tooth

We had a full schedule planned this morning: we were going to get to the Jonquil Festival right at opening time so we could find a parking place at the library, then we would attempt a trip to Costco (a dangerous proposition on a Saturday), and then to Lidl. Unfortunately yesterday I bit down the wrong way on my bad molar. I went to bed with it feeling very tender and while it was okay when I woke up, I had to give it some TLC this morning, chew my oatmeal carefully, and then brought some Orajel with me when we left.

Alas, everyone else had the same idea about the Jonquil Festival: the close parking lots were full when we got there at opening time, so we had to park at the lot on the other side of the festival area. It was still cool when arrived, so the walk wasn't bad. We did a full walk-around of all the booths, bought some more blackberry honey and some sugar-free strawberry jam for James, and, irony of irony, he bought books and I didn't: Philbrick's Sea of Glory and a Barbara Tuchman book about the American Revolution. We saw a lot of nice things, including jewelry made by a sixteen year old girl (she's been doing this since she was eleven) that was very professional-looking. Sampled dips and a rum cake.

By the time we finished it was 11:30, so we had pork sandwiches from Williamson Barbecue for lunch. My tooth was starting to bother me, so pulled pork was the only thing I could manage. We sat in the shade at long folding tables up for that purpose. I noticed as we came down that one of the food trailers had elephant ears, and we were sitting across from that one as we ate. So I wasted $7 on one because the last time I had anything resembling a doughboy was 2015. Disappointing. It was overcooked until the dough was actually crispy and dark brown, and the lady had to smear some kind of syrup on it to get the sugar to stick on it. It cooked so long the dough was tough. Iggy's at Oakland Beach would be ashamed to serve such as a doughboy.

We made a quick trip home with our purchases and then went on to Costco; amazingly we were able to find a parking space right off. We picked up cheese and mandarin orange cups, which we needed, and also boneless skinless chicken thighs to turn into sandwich meat for WHOlanta, since the hotel restaurants are too expensive. We also picked up mandarin oranges "in peel" and found James' favorite "Hippeas" there again (puffs made from chickpeas). Still no skim milk, and they don't have Eggland eggs, so on the way home James parked at Publix and I ran in for eggs for his breakfast, yogurt, and Crystal Light. Alas, I forgot the distilled water, but we still need mushrooms, so Kroger is our fate tomorrow since they are the only place with no-salt added ones.

My tooth was throbbing by then, so we headed home without going to Lidl, and I left James to put away the groceries while I took three ibuprofin and liberally painted my tooth and gums with Ambesol, then crawled onto the futon for a long nap. Woke up over ninety minutes later feeling hungry and slightly dislocated. James cooked up some fine egg noodles and put them in chicken broth and I had that. A little later, I bit down hard on the tooth, saw stars, and since then it has felt better.

Spent the evening watching Rick Steves, Father Brown, and Britcoms.

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