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» Sunday, January 27, 2019
Yet Another Foodie Sunday

We had a nice day: a leisurely breakfast, the usual dog walk, and then off grocery shopping. We went to Nam Dae Mun because James needed ginger tea and he likes theirs best. We also got some thin steaks and more chicken drummettes. Then on to Publix for the twofers: he needed juice especially. We did get milk there. One more stop at CVS for BreatheRights, and then it was home for a nice cozy day. I washed and dried the towels and sorted pills for both of us, and spent a couple of happy hours watching Caught in Providence.

James made the drummettes in the air fryer with a last coating of teriyaki sauce, and we had Sam's packaged Asian salad as a side. The chicken was great, but it was too cold for a salad. I start craving those when the weather gets warm.

It was the season finale...already!...of Alaska: the Last Frontier, so we watched that and I can get to Victoria tomorrow. Victoria is really grabbing my interest this year, and the episodes go by so quickly.

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