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» Sunday, January 20, 2019
Foodie Sunday

We were up late last night, so got a late start this morning. It was tremendously cold for Georgia; I thought to get by with my heavy jacket with my thick scarf underneath, but after taking Tucker for a walk in a whistling, whipping wind, I dug out our winter coats...our "Rhode Island winter coats," as I call them, as they were marketed up north and made for the type of cold weather that was about to hit.

Suitably bundled, we went to Sam's Club. We needed popcorn, mandarin oranges (packaged and fresh), and milk. The only thing we didn't find was the fresh oranges. We found a couple of good deals: chicken drumsticks on sale, and thick pork chops on sale. I also noticed they were still selling "Breathe" journals with their magazines. I particularly like the way it was set up this year, so I bought another. A new one next year will cost $18 at Barnes & Noble, but these were only $14 because of Sam's magazine discount. I will put it away until New Year's Eve.

They also had samples today, and we liked the potstickers so much we brought a package of them home and had them for dinner: James browned them in a saute pan, then added some chicken broth and steamed them hot. He made a dipping sauce of a jam I didn't like combined with soy sauce. It was quite good.

During the afternoon we got the drumsticks and pork put away, and I washed and dried towels and sorted our pills as I usually do on Sundays.

Later we watched America's Funniest Home Videos and the second episode of the third series of Victoria.

Sadly, because it was Sunday night and not Saturday, we did not stay up to see the super blood wolf moon eclipse that happened later this evening. I did snap a couple of photos of the moon coming up over the back of our house, but I just used the little camera and none of the pictures came out that good. The moon was stunningly bright, so bright that you could not see the usual shadows of the maria as you can during a a normal full moon. Goodness, it was cold out there. I don't think I was taking photos for four minutes before my fingers lost flexibility and started to hurt. It is supposed to be in the 20s tonight, and that isn't counting the wind chill. Positively polar for Georgia!

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