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» Sunday, November 25, 2018
Super Markets, Books, and the Alps

It turned out to be grocery-store hopping morning on Saturday again. We had Kroger bucks, so we went there for milk and mushrooms. Found a couple of meat bargains, too, then skipped over to Publix for the twofers. Fortunately they had Crystal Lite so James could continue to make his icees, but they only had two lemonades at the Smyrna store, and the meat counter, as usual, had no turkey parts at all. (You can't get turkey parts at the Smyrna Kroger or the Smyrna Publix. I don't know if it's illegal or what.) So we had to drive to Highland Ridge to get more Crystal Lite and some turkey thighs.

Chilled out, played with the dog, and then James cooked the carrots we bought to take to Alice's house. You've heard of Second Breakfast? We had Second Thanksgiving on Saturday night; Juanita cooked a 28-pound turkey and David made ham, and someone else brought ham, and there were sides and a bunch of us had dinner and gabbed and enjoyed ourselves. We checked out all the work Alice has done since she retired, including converting an office into a library.

Came home to chill out until bedtime; didn't stay up too late, but fell directly to sleep. Would have slept later, but nature screamed.

Yesterday Juanita sent us home with the turkey carcass, and James wanted to turn it into soup today. But we also had Barnes & Noble coupons, so as soon as breakfast was finished, Tucker was walked, the dishwasher was started, and the towels were thrown in the washer, we were off to the bookstore. I was a little ticked at them because usually on Black Friday I get a notice that all magazines are 30 percent off. Didn't get one this year. I did get one announcing the magazine discount, but it was dated Saturday, so by then the discount was gone. Grr. However, they did take the 25 percent coupon I had off the new "Breathe" 52-week journal. But I could have used that on the new Valdemar book if they'd sent the e-mail as they should on Friday, and I could have gotten a discount on the Christmas "Daphne's Diary," too. Piffle. But they did take that coupon on the journal, and I found a gift for James and one for Rodney.

We stopped at Publix to get the bread James forgot yesterday, and then were home for the afternoon while he made the soup. We love the result, but boy, when it finishes, what a mess: the dirty stock pot, dirty containers for the vegetables, bones, and the meat James has laboriously picked off the bones, the bowl we had to strain the soup into, and the strainer. But we got three big almost eight-cup containers full of turkey soup, meat, and carrots into the freezer and had soup for supper with carrots and the white meat from the turkey that we brought home last night.

This afternoon I watched a bunch of episodes of a show I just found called Caught in Providence. It takes place in a Providence, RI, courtroom (chiefly traffic violations) with an older judge named Frank Caprio. (The show seems to be a family affair: there are two more Caprios in the credits, and his brother is the cameraman.) This guy is what my mom would have called "a hot sketch." He's very fair, but can be funny or sympathetic. Usually if a person has their kids with them, he will invite the kids up onto the bench and talk with them. Also watched the British production of The Sound of Music that was done by ITV, presented on Great Performances. It was okay. The woman who played Maria was better than Carrie Underwood, and I liked the actor who played Max. The girl who played Liesl was almost too waiflike, though. On the other hand, they tried very hard, at least with the women, to have authentic 1930s hairstyles. But it was still a little restrained; something missing from it.

The soup was really good, too!

We ended up the evening with Alaska: the Last Frontier and the news.

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