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» Sunday, October 14, 2018
And Down Again...

As always, we did some grocery shopping after we got up and had breakfast (and gave Tucker his "morning airing." The milk was so expensive at Publix we skipped it. I could go out tomorrow and find cheaper milk. Once we had everything tucked away, I left James at the computer (internet was still up!) and went back to the book sale.

Sunday at the book sale, even at one in the afternoon, is pretty sparsely attended. The books are now pretty sparse, too, but what's left you can really look at, which is how I explain coming home with more books today than on Friday: a book about how television shapes our perceptions, a book about the "dumbing down" of the U.S., the diary of a woman who watches wildlife in her back yard, a volume of essays about Huckleberry Finn, an Ann Rinaldi historical I didn't have (John Brown's daughter), a "Swallows and Amazons" novel, and a collection of the Lord Darcy fantasy stories  (Maggi Weaver is always recommending them).

I decided I didn't want to go out tomorrow, as it's my housecleaning day, so on the way home I stopped at Kroger for milk and no-salt-added mushrooms.

And when I got home, the internet was down again. Eventually it quit flashing green-to-red and stayed solid red.

The tech I talked to yesterday implied someone should have been here today (but maybe tomorrow). And maybe I needed to make some noise. So I called up Earthlink and a good thing I did, because AT&T Guy from yesterday had not scheduled a Cable Guy to call (at least not per Earthlink's records). No soup for you, dude. In the meantime, I Spoke in Capital Letters again, and Earthlink assured me someone would be here between four and eight tomorrow and it would be fixed. I said I hoped so because people were asking me why I just didn't drop them and go to Comcast.

James made some nice beef for supper and we ended the day watching Guy's Grocery Games and Alaska: the Last Frontier.

(Later that next day: New AT&T Guy showed up a little before four and took an hour to sort out the problem. Turned out it was not The Box Near the House, but the Box Near the Church Down the Street. He said the "ports" were burned out, probably due to age, and he was going to complain about the guy who came on Saturday because he should have checked up there in the first place. He also finished burying the new wires they had to put in when they installed the broadband in February. He said they should have been completely buried and they never were.)

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