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» Sunday, September 23, 2018
Peaceful Adulting

A much calmer day today. We slept in, we had breakfast, and we went to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center. It was 20 percent off (even magazines) member appreciation weekend, and I was hoping they had the new "Smoky Mountain Living." Alas, no. James corralled a nice selection of magazines, and in a fit of whimsy I bought Adulting, which I've paged through since it was first released. Maybe I can find out if I'm doing it right. 😀 This is the revised edition with about 90 more tips.

(I love this woman. James and I laughed ourselves silly when we got to the cooking chapter and she's talking about basic weekly shopping items. #9 is "chicken thighs," with the notation "chicken breasts are for chumps! So dry! The meat equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation that no one asked for!" 👍)

We stopped at the Dallas Highway B&N on the way home in case they had a SML, but no dice. So we went by Sprouts and found they had Italian wedding soup for the first time in a good long time. It was at the bottom of the container, so we got few meatballs and even fewer chicken bits, so we took it home, thinned out the salty with some unsalted chicken broth, and I took most of the pasta and the meatballs, and had it with French bread. James took the remaining pasta and soup and chopped up the lemon pepper chicken from yesterday into it. We both had satisfactory suppers and the rest of the blueberry pie for dessert.

A thankfully peaceful Sunday night.

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