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» Saturday, September 08, 2018
Not a DragonCon Weekend

Was very annoyed on Friday: went to Costco for milk and they had no skim! So annoyed I forgot the cheese; glad James didn't need it immediately. Did get other things, but because I bought a rotisserie chicken and a lovely package of boneless pork chops, had to come home immediately. I just put perishables away and went to Publix. They had none of my favorite yogurt. Not a satisfactory shopping session. I had the wings of the rotisserie chicken for lunch and we ate the breast meat, cooked in with ramen noodles, for supper. I don't know how James puts together these tasty concoctions, but I certainly do enjoy them!

On Saturday morning, for once we had a nice, long sleep, and then James went off to his club meeting. I didn't have anything I really wanted to do, but I did have things that needed doing, so I did them: first I pulled down all that depressing summer stuff and converted over to autumn, outside (on the porch and the mailbox) and in (in the foyer and the dining room and under the mantel). Since the house is always dressed for autumn in some form unless it's at Christmas, this is just a matter of adding another layer to what's already here. I also vacuumed both upstairs and on the stairway, and put away all the things I had bought at Costco yesterday (lots of medical items on sale).

James had a very long meeting, but we were still able to get a seat easily at West Cobb Diner and had turkey dinners. He didn't feel up to going into Barnes & Noble, so I ran in and bought a cross-stitch magazine and two "Country Sampler" issues, then we came home, and, because it was the 52nd anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek, we watched "Balance of Terror" (James' choice) and "Journey to Babel" (mine).

Sunday we went to the Yellow Daisy Festival, that trip which is told here, since it's a fall event in the household.

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