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» Friday, August 31, 2018
Sleeping Beauty and the Nervous Wife

Normally yesterday we would have made a Publix run and then rushed home to cook some chicken to make sandwiches for DragonCon, and today we would have been on the way downtown with our backpacks early, swearing at rush-hour traffic and getting our con badges before going to Peachtree Center for breakfast at Cafè Momo.

Alas, this year has driven us to hospitals, too many visits to urgent care, an interrupted Atomicon, and pretty much nearly crazy. James had sort of decided he could manage the convention even with a power chair and a catheter, but the prostatitis was the last straw. He can't sit still long because of the pain and it especially hurts when he drives. So we weren't planning on attending today, and, really, I wanted to get some sleep because I haven't gotten much the last couple of days.

I thought I was okay with it, but when I got up this morning I realized I was feeling sad at not being downtown, and was thinking wistfully of all the Brittrack panels that I would have loved to have seen this morning ("Brit TV You Should be Watching," "The Science of Sherlock," etc.). It wasn't James' fault he wasn't feeling well, and I was being childish, but I was longing to do something besides cleaning and grocery shopping. I was planning on going downtown tomorrow on my own, because Saturday is always the hardest day at the con for James since you can't get an elevator for love or money. He can go to lunch with the guys from the hobby shop, who still go to lunch even though the hobby shop is long gone. Me, I've been trying to walk a mile a day in training, except for those two wretched weeks after July 14 when I was incapable of little besides brooding.

In retrospect, it was good I sat the day out.

Let's go to Publix and get the shopping over with, I told James, and stop at CVS to use our coupon. Then we could go to Barnes & Noble with the coupon they had sent in e-mail. This would make up a little for DragonCon. So we did the Publix thing, and the CVS thing.

I noticed on the way home James was acting a little...fuzzy, I guess. He was driving perfectly, but it was as if he had to concentrate on it, and when we got in the house, he sat down in his computer chair for a moment. He said he "felt a little off," but had no chest pain or breathing problems. I don't think he was even winded from the stair climb, just hurting in the hips, knees, and back as usual. But he acted like he was about to fall asleep...or something worse. So I fetched his blood pressure cuff and his blood tester. His BP was fine and so was his sugar; it was still up from breakfast. We both guessed he hadn't slept well. He went to get a drink and was falling asleep in the middle of it.

So I figured we'd chill out for a little while. I scrolled through what was on television and found that Canadian ocean rescue movie I watched a few weeks ago, The Neptune Factor. Ben Gazzara (with a hideous Southern accent), Ernest Borgnine, Yvette Mimieux, and Walter Pidgeon were the stars, but most of the cast was Canadian, including Chris Wiggins and Donnelly Rhodes. (I'd commented on Facebook last time it aired that if it had Colin Fox in it, we'd have a 1970s Canadian actor trifecta.) Sadly, it's rather dull, except for the laughable sequences where they used blown-up images of tropical fish to create menace. James sat down to watch it with me, sipping on a slushie, and promptly fell asleep. He kept saying his mouth was dry which is why he was talking so slowly, but it worried me.

He slept through the whole movie, then went into the bedroom to change his clothes. I went through to our bathroom and just for the heck of it, checked out his pills.

The Friday morning pills were still there, although he said he'd taken them. The Friday night pills were gone.

And so now I knew what had happened: he'd taken his night pills instead of his day pills. Which meant he'd had an Ambien at breakfast this morning. Plus, because he didn't realize he'd taken the wrong pills, he took a pain pill when he got up as well. No wonder he was "feeling a little off."

Well, at least he hadn't had a stroke or a TIA. I let him sleep, and he was okay by suppertime and evening.

However, I was a nervous wreck half the afternoon.

Spent the evening watching a rerun of Fury and two episodes of Hack My Life, which is silly, but it was better than what was actually on.

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