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» Sunday, June 17, 2018
The Great Hunt in the Steamy Country

So we slept in this morning, or rather I slept in, because James informed me that he hadn't slept very well. (I'm wondering if it's because he's planning to go into the office tomorrow. It's tough on him these days going in; he has to get up a half hour earlier when we both sleep best in the morning. Plus it's just more difficult with the catheter.) In fact, when I got up I found he'd already swapped out the towels like we do on Sunday, and he was installing the new shower head.

(Digression: We had a fairly nice shower head with a separate wand. You could set it to shower, or wand, or both, and you could switch from shower to wand with a button on the wand. Except some time ago the button, which was always a bear to switch back and forth, broke off. Luckily it broke in the open position. Unluckily, I am too damn short. I could switch it back and forth at the top, but I had to do it on tiptoe using the tips of my fingers. PITA. So in February we bought one of the Moen magnetic ones. One shower head, but you can take it off and on and it sticks up with a magnet.)

It's been sitting next to the sofa since February, and then all the rubbish with the hospitals and urgent care got in the way. I put it in the bathroom yesterday because it was in my way while vacuuming.

Looks good. Still needs to be tightened down a little bit, although it might be the washers needing to swell up.

After breakfast and the ritual dog walk—it was late enough for the heat to already be hellish—we went out to Sam's Club to fill up the truck and then next door to Walmart. As an assist to his problems, the urologist has ordered James to get an athletic supporter. Did you know Walmart doesn't carry these? They have helmets, elbow, ankle, wrist, knee supports, tape wrap, mouth protectors...but no athletic supporter. We did get other stuff, including more sugarless hard candy. However, this meant instead of going to Publix, then going home to get out of the stifling air, we had to go up to Town Center, because there are no sporting goods stores in this area anymore.

First we went to Dick's. They had them, but upstairs with the basketball gear. But pretty much only in youth sizes. I did buy a rear-view mirror for my bike, because what Walmart sells is terrible. Then we went to Academy Sports, same thing, except they were with the baseball stuff (which makes more sense to me). We are going to have to order online.

Then finally to Publix. Dog biscuits were on BOGO, so this was a must. 😀 By the time we got out of there we were exhausted and thirsty, so we picked up a limeade at Wendy's and headed home; it was nearly suppertime! So I stuffed the towels in the washer and sorted the pills for the week—I have James' medicines on the shelves in order of when he takes them, with the twice-a-day in the middle, so I pretty much sorted them this week without even using the paper lists I made, which kinda makes me sad; I know these pills better than I know my friends' phone numbers—and then had a chance to sit and cool off as he started making dinner. We'd picked up some round steak at Publix (since it is Father's Day) and had that with a rice side. For dessert we had a peanut butter Twinkie. We found these in Walmart; the cake part is dark chocolate and they have used a good peanut butter, so these are actually pretty good.

Television has been so abysmal today I was watching Fixer Upper when we got home, and I really don't like Chip and Joanna, and then after the news it was Guy's Grocery Games.

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