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» Thursday, May 03, 2018
You Can't Make This Stuff Up! Coda
So James got blood taken on Monday; to our amazement his creatitine was back down to 2.6 with a GFR of 26, even after the temporary blockage. Dr. K called us first thing Tuesday morning; he was going to call DaVita and discussed discontinuing the dialysis, but he wanted yet another blood test. James teleworked all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday, and we went to Kaiser after work to get another blood test. This time the creatitine was 2.4 with a GFR of 28. I was frankly flabbergasted because James' creatitine hasn't been under 2.6 since January of 2016. The dialysis is cancelled and the doctor wants him to cancel the fistula surgery. We are undecided about this. All the nephrologists have told us James will eventually need dialysis, so it would be expedient to put it in. But after the fistula is put in, he can't have blood pressure taken on that arm or IVs put in. It would also be another surgery.

Dr. K has asked us to have another test on Tuesday, and I guess then we will decide.

In the meantime we saw a different cardiologist for a followup on Thursday. I think we confused him with this story. God knows we are confused; think of coming into it now. He did look at the wound where the permacath was—it was scabbed over handsomely with a nice thick scab. The doctor said it was okay, so we covered it up with a waterproof bandage and James got to take a real shower for the first time since March 8! He was so happy.

Unfortunately his next urology test is not until mid-June, and only if he passes it will he be able to have the TURP. Meanwhile he will have to live with the foley catheter.