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» Friday, May 18, 2018
Out, Out, Damn Clutter
I haven't done one of these in a while; this is what I've been up to now that I'm not running back and forth to the hospital. Again. Also can report I have lost 25 pounds since last year. Unfortunately still have much work to do on that. More walking, more stair climbing, more biking. Unfortunately with summer here, I am not going to want to go outside any time after ten a.m.! So I can loathe summer now for another reason: I need to get up earlier! 😄
  • Drains in bathrooms have been cleaned with vinegar and baking soda, with a boiling water chaser.
  • Had two new tires installed on my car.
  • Finally got Tucker bathed (as well as his bedding).
  • Scrubbed out the master bath shower compartment. (I love my spin scrubber!)
  • Cleaned out floor of hall closet and tossed some stuff.
  • Cleaned in front of my computer desk and polished it.
  • Contributed to post office food drive.
  • Cleaned out the spare room closet. Tossed a bunch of odd papers out, got convention programs all boxed, made all the tissue paper and wrapping paper neat, added another box to store gifts (also found paint-by-number oil paintings of Lassie that I did in the 70s).
  • Brought a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, including the old Epson printer I got from Amazon Vine.
Had to go to the doctor again with James. Nothing scary. When he was on the dialysis they took him off all his blood pressure drugs and off his potassium tablets, because people on dialysis are not supposed to have too much potassium. Well, now that he's off dialysis his blood pressure has gone creeping up, and over seven days he gained seven pounds. So on Wednesday the visiting nurse got him an appointment for Thursday. It went fine, except for being forgotten for ninety minutes. Dr. Mobley put James back on two furosimide (Lasix, a diuretic) and two KTab (potassium) a day, and we picked up prescriptions we needed in the pharmacy.

(And boy, did the furosimide work well. His output was six liters and he lost all seven pounds overnight. He didn't drink anywhere near that much. We told the nurse we were going to cut down to one a day, and she said that was okay. By Saturday morning he lost three more pounds.)

I have much, much more work to do. The library looks like a bomb went off in it. All my stuff from work is still down there, and I must have thirty or forty books to shelve. I also have to cull out photos from the autumn and winter magazines. Plus I have several strings of still good Christmas lights I want to save. And a desk I don't want that I need to disassemble because otherwise it won't come out of the library.

So we actually spent a very quiet Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday James went to his club meeting for the first time in three months while I watched a few more episodes of The Crown in preparation for Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding. People have seen Prince Philip for so long they don't realize how unpopular it was for Queen Elizabeth to have married him! On Mother's Day the biggest thing we did was watch the new version of Little Women. I am torn on it. I do like the way Marmee is portrayed; more careworn and less perfect, especially as played by Susan Sarandon. Maya Hawke is a good Jo. I love Beth with her freckles and their showing how difficult it was for her to go to the Lawrences. Laurie looks the part, but not much spark. Meg rather slips into the wallpaper and Amy seems...almost wicked. Angela Lansbury is delightful as Aunt March. They are trying to use sort of "American music," banjos and harmonicas and things, and it doesn't seem to fit.

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