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» Saturday, April 21, 2018
Friends and Food

Certainly a better Saturday than last week's! If only I could sleep properly! Plus I had the most extraordinary reaction to closing my eyes last night: I was getting claustrophobic in my own head. I'm guessing exhaustion put a stop to that nonsense, because the next thing I knew it was some hours later and I was cold. Ridiculous because I'd been looking forward to sleeping because I'd changed the bed. Nothing better than sleeping in a freshly-changed bed.

We had Hair Day today; as James had missed the last due to being in the hospital, he was looking forward to a good shearing. He complained he was starting to look like someone from Duck Dynasty. Sheri made him look more like Mr. French from Family Affair, which is a great relief to him. We had a small crowd with a great meal: Alex cooked! He made chicken, pork, and beef brisket barbecue. The latter was particularly delicious, and I am a pork barbecue person. We watched bits of Wall-E, listened to Charles' tales of hiking in Tennessee and North Carolina, talked about the new Hallmark Christmas ornaments for 2018,  and ate yummy food.

(We also found that a friend of ours that we hadn't seen in many years, James Sutherland, died recently. We don't know any details, but the news is sobering.)

We left after two and went to Sprouts on Dallas Highway to pick up beef bits (Sprouts has the best) and potatoes (I am going to try to make dialyzed potatoes, which is the only kind James is now supposed to eat),  and I also ran into Petco to pick up more birdseed and coo to the budgies. We then backtracked to the Kroger closer to the Butlers' house because the idea of going to the Battle Ridge store or even the packed Smyrna store on a Saturday afternoon was abhorrent. This one is much easier to enter and exit, let alone to park at. We picked up milk, Miracle Whip, and mushrooms in short order, and also found Thai noodles.

We decompressed a bit at home and I worked on an art project, and then we had supper at Hibachi Grill, stopping to gas up the truck before coming home. It's going to rain tomorrow so we wanted to get everything stocked so James can make burritos.

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