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» Sunday, March 04, 2018
The Quiet Day

So today was the quiet day after yesterday's adventures. We slept late, had breakfast and I walked Tucker, then we went to both Kroger and Publix hunting "the wild grocery" before coming home. After the "hunting" was put up, we allowed ourselves to be sucked in by Bargain Mansions, which is an HGTV series about a woman who restores huge old homes. If it sounds familiar, it's a riff on Rehab Addict, except our hostess here is in Kansas City, Missouri, instead of Detroit and has her dad helping her. She buys large old homes (they aren't really "mansions" by any definition, just "McMansions" if anything) which need a lot of TLC and generally puts a little more modern swing on them than Nicole does in Rehab Addict (I like Nicole's houses better). Still, it's fun to watch. I finally turned the television off and James went downstairs to "the man cave" for the first time in ages and I read and listened to new age albums. Had eaten my City Café soup for lunch and then had my leftover turkey over fresh slices of bread for supper, plus a mandarin orange (we both had three today!), and a peanut butter HoHo each as dessert. Spent the evening reading.

The only chores I did today were emptying the dishwasher, washing the towels, making the bed, and sorting my pills. I even forgot to do James' pills! So I have a bunch of work cut out for me tomorrow.

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