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» Sunday, March 25, 2018
Atomicon, Day 4

James slept so well last night I checked him to see if he was still breathing. I do that a lot these days, it seems. But it has been better to sleep this weekend. I found out when I checked out—the front desk people found out what happened yesterday and instead of asking me, automatically put us down for next year—that they did put a new mattress in that room. You can really tell. I could feel the springs in the old one, and my hips ached every morning.

Breakfast with the gang, then packing, portaging into the conference room, and then chat until one by one, couples and individuals began to leave. I took very few cookies home, and want to save them for a game night. Chris was nice and helped us get our suitcase and other things loaded onto the truck and then we were headed south under a cloudy sky.

We stopped at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. James got some nice pocketed t-shirts and a couple of pajama bottoms, but all the underwear they had that wasn't boxers was white. He grumpily got one pack. I couldn't find any six packs of underwear, either, just expensive three-packs for $22. Seven dollars apiece for panties? What are they made of, silk?

We also dropped into a little gift shop, where I got a couple of little gifts, and Yankee Candle, but, sadly, no roasted coffee flavor. Apparently it's discontinued and gone. ::sign:: (Yankee Candle actually has regional scents that sell in one place, but not in another. In 2015 they had a new scent called "Maple Pancakes" that I was going to get when I got home, but it wasn't for sale in the South, just in New England.)

We also ate there and was glad James didn't have Chinese with me: my sesame chicken was hideously salty. We're not used to really salty Chinese because Hibachi Grill doesn't overly salt their food and we go there most often.

Tucker came charging into the lobby of the vet's office when they fetched the fids for us, and thankfully they'd put Snowy in his carry box so I could put off being bitten by my cute little birdy buddy. Then it was off home and back to Snowy's "teevee" and having a load of clothes to wash (and also a load of towels). We had potlucks for supper and settled back to be earthbound creatures once more.

Was surprised to discover Call the Midwife began tonight! I thought it was supposed to start on Easter Sunday. Plus we got two episodes instead of one. Was so amused by Timothy's crush on the au pair, but the rest was so heart-rending.

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