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» Friday, March 23, 2018
Atomicon, Day 2, Part 2

The end of the day was both good and bad. The nice part was going to a little hole-in-the-wall place, White Columns, near the dialysis clinic that had "home cooking." I was dying for chicken and dumplings. Unfortunately they had run out of chicken and dumplings an hour earlier, and I impulsively exclaimed, "Awww, he was in dialysis an hour ago." We both had a good dinner: James had some chili and something called a cheeseburger casserole (very small), and two vegetables; I had an open-faced roast beef sandwich with real roast beef, and the cook said my baked potato so they gave me a second one for free.

So when time came for the check, the waitress asked if we needed anything else, and James said we were just waiting for the bill. The waitress said someone had already paid the bill for us. Wasn't that sweet?

So we consulted the GPS and went the shortest way. The first part was pleasant; we listened to "A Way With Words" and the road was wide and clear. Then we turned toward Helen and the roads got narrower and darker, because even though we were on DST we had used up all our light hours eating. We ended up on the Richard B. Russell Scenic Parkway, which we have driven before, but in the daylight. At night it's frightening, because it is up and down steep curves on the side of the mountain, up to several thousand feet. I didn't know how this could be faster than the way we came, but halfway through, when I realized where we were, I was scared to death, not for me, but for James driving. I was afraid he would start having heart problems again, but there was nowhere to stop and it would have been dangerous. So we did this for 40 straight minutes of sheer terror, and when we finally got to the hotel we were wiped out.

So it was a great relief that everyone was still up and we ended up the day with laughter, playing Cards Against Humanity.

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