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» Sunday, February 25, 2018
Weekend Ups and Downs—and Farewell to Curling

Not rain again? Why, yes! Thankfully only on Sunday, so we had to bundle all our errands and fun excursions into Saturday. This means we hustled to Costco bright and early Saturday morning, picking up milk, "plastic" cheese, and generic Flonase, the latter which turned out to be on sale, so, even better. James got a new "Milk Street" magazine as well, and we tried some of their "hazelnut spread" (generic Nutella).

We'd already planned a general route, but having bought milk, since we have been having temperatures in the high seventies all week, we had to bring it all home first. That we did, then went on to have a better time: visited the big Michael's store that's where Borders books used to be (::sob!::), had lunch at Chicken Salad Chick (their chicken-almond-cranberry is good, but not as good as Trader Joe's version used to be), and finally Trader Joe's for oyster crackers, etc. We are also trying one of their homemade pastas.

Our last, frustrating stop was at Verizon. We had gotten James' "Hum" gadget set up in the new truck and it worked about two weeks, but lately it's been telling him he hasn't driven anywhere and that he's parked on South Cobb Drive (specifically the car lot where the truck came from; we're not sure how that happened, since we didn't install the Hum in the truck until we had it in our possession). So since Verizon sold us the Hum, we went back there. The whole shopping area around the Verizon store was a flipping mess. I know shopping centers are busy on Saturday, but it was like Chip and Joanna or some rap star was appearing live at one of the stores: bumper-to-bumper traffic, entrances blocked, the whole magilla. I'm wondering if it was because of the new Chinese buffet, Chow King, and the new restaurant The Juicy Crab.

Plus when we got there it turned out Verizon couldn't help us! We had to call customer service and they sent us to Hum, and no one knows what's wrong.

So we rested up for a couple of hours—I rested so well I fell asleep—and then went to Fried Tomato Buffet for supper (because...barbecue ribs on Saturday night). Next was Bed, Bath & Beyond because my bedroom fan had just died. The poor thing lives a hard life; it's on pretty much all the time, all year 'round; last week it started faltering on low setting, although it was fine on high, and then last night it just burned out. (I'm surprised the fans are already out. We've had trouble finding them even in March.) I also wanted to get a couple of more Turbie Twists because I like the way they dry my hair.

Some time ago we finally replaced our very old shower head with a two-headed system, one on the wall and one on a wand. We had it set so water would come out of both shower heads, and the wand could be turned on with the switch on the arm of the wand. Except two weeks ago the cheap plastic switch broke off. James likes to use wand only, but I like the overhead during the shower and the wand to rinse certain areas. So since then I've been standing on tiptoes to turn the different sources on and off. As I said, being short is a b*tch.

Anyway, we found a shower head where the wand is held on by a magnet, so it can be up to soak under and then removed with a twist of the hand. Not sure when it will be put up, but hope it will work the way we anticipate.

Before heading home we stopped at Hobby Lobby, where several categories of items were at half price. So now we have three Christmas gifts to put away.

Today was quieter. We were woken about 8:30 by rain pounding on the windowsills; I had to get up to pull the shades down and pull my new fan out of the window, then went back to bed. (At least it has gotten cooler!) About eleven we went to Publix to pick up twofers and CVS to use our 30 percent off purchase coupon. That was it for the day outside of the house. I also washed towels, sorted both our pills, made dinner, recorded some stuff off the BBC, did odd chores—.

And now it's time for closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics! What a quick two weeks it has been! And have never seen so much curling in my life! Sorry the Korean women's team didn't win gold; I was rooting for "the Garlic Girls"!

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