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» Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Someone Else's Junk
I woke up in the middle of the night for no earthly reason with my right knee aching. I have no idea what caused this; I moved around a lot yesterday, but nothing that should have put the kibosh on my knee.

I wanted to check out a couple of Goodwills today as my friends do; they always find great bargains, but once I got there the idea of going through rows and rows of clothes almost sent me to sleep. I did check out the books and the tchotchkes in the back. The old knicknacks made me kind of sad. Grandma or Mom collected that and it was special to her and now it's on a shelf with ugly vases. There was a little framed rectangle of faded pressed flowers inscribed with a loving phrase. Wonder who that belonged to and why she let it go.

So I didn't buy anything, but went on to Target for a couple of more 60-watt-equivalent LED ceiling fan light bulbs for each of the bedrooms and a 3-pound weight (I only have one). Stopped at Office Max, looked at a couple of "netbooks," came home for lunch and stretched out my knee to rest it and watch curling.

Had some rather insipid chicken and a rice mix for supper. While I was surfing the internet I realized that with the Olympics on we had completely forgotten about Westminster and had already missed the first night! But we are here for Best in Show!

I have been making more lists and am determined to get rid of more stuff!

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