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» Monday, February 12, 2018
Just Keepin' Moving!
Today's checklist:
* Emptied dishwasher; started to refill

* Washed kitchen floor
* Washed kitchen counters
* Cleaned out kitchen sink
* Put away some things on coffee table
* Cleaned master bath and hall bath toilets

* Washed master bath and hall bath floors
* Put Mom's records in alphabetical order

* Started bag for Atomicon
* Took a speaker downstairs for use in the library
* Put reusable shopping bags back in my car

* Put the Rollator back where it belongs
* Put three things in the donation box and one in the recycling bin
* Emptied the last few things I had at work out of the Climb Cart and put them and it away
* Listened to three episodes of "The Tech Guy" and recorded things off the BBC

Beef stir fry and rice for supper and now time for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before Olympics!

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