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» Wednesday, February 14, 2018
"Anything Can Happen Day" Rides Again
This morning's mission was easy: Think up something for Valentine's Day dinner and go shopping if I needed anything for it. But it turns out I didn't. I just wanted to get there early because as soon as work ended, I knew, people would be pouring in to buy balloons, candy, and other treats for their significant others.

They were there when I arrived, too, but not in large numbers. I trotted through Publix for twofer deals and also found chicken leg quarters on sale for 99ยข/pound, pork for stew (what we call "pork bits") on sale, as well as thin round steaks on sale. Then I went across the street to Sprouts to pick up nice lamb shoulders and beef bits on sale. Tossed all the meats into an insulated bag so I could do a quick recce at Big Lots, then came home, and repackaged most of the meats for the freezer.

I toyed with going out again, but instead decided it was time to tackle the spare room. Since 2005, the futon has been wearing a quilt and pillow shams I bought after my mom died. I picked a mostly yellow and blue pattern because the spare room in the old house was painted yellow. Well, the futon and its cover has been "rode hard." When I'm sick instead of going in our own bed, since the bedroom is a "dog free zone," I lie down on the futon. I remember spending days in there two years ago when I had an allergic reaction to the shingles vaccine. It's our "quiet room" when we have a party. At Christmas we wrap gifts in there. I'll take the odd nap there. So the quilt has been well washed and the shams well snuggled up to. Although the yellow scheme was bright, I didn't quite like it anymore. So I bought a new coverlet (I should have bought a quilt but bought a comforter instead) for our bed and planned to put the bright fall-patterned quilt from the bed on the futon.

Except when I went looking for the quilt's pillow shams to wash (the quilt being done), I couldn't find them. I still can't find them, and I don't understand, because quilts almost always come with two pillow shams. The yellow one did and I thought this one had. But I found nothing but the one thing I'd forgotten: the patchwork quilt I formerly had on the bed, which was a nice pattern of greens and reds with hints of other colors, but not Christmassy looking. That had pillow shams. After looking fruitlessly everywhere for fall-pattern pillow shams (I even still have the pretty matching quilted bag it came in), I gave up. I'm washing the patchwork quilt and shams and will put that on the futon. I've discovered I like our bed better in a solid color, although if I ever do find a decent fall pattern that I can afford, I will probably buy it.

Well, looking for the pillow shams brought me smack up against the master bedroom closet. I watch all these home-hunting shows and laugh when the woman immediately claims most of the master bedroom walk-in closet. James has more clothes than me! He has a dozen or so regular button-down shirts for when the big-bugs come to inspect work, polo shirts for the rest of the time, and more t-shirts (with pockets or with logos) than you can shake a stick at, and at least a dozen and a half jeans/work pants, plus dress pants and his good suit. I have a few t-shirts, a few shirts I wear all the time, nine pairs of regular pants, three pairs of dress pants, two dress tops, a dress skirt, another skirt and blouse, about a dozen seasonal sweatshirts, three "good" sweatpants, three sweat/pants combos, and scrubs pants and odd t-shirts I wear all the time (my "dog-walking" outfit), and most of my stuff lives in drawers or in the stacks of plastic drawers in the closet. That's what I also tackled today; sorting out the "hang around" sweats from the ones I wear out and putting them in plastic drawers which are right now labeled with post-it notes because the chalk markers and chalk labels I could find perfectly well last week have vanished into the maw of the craft room. Once I find them I can label the plastic drawers for good.

I decided to get rid of the yellow-theme quilt and shams even though I'd considered donating them. Really, they had spots and a couple of rips and just looked sad and tired and were verging on pilled. My cousin Janice had passed around a cool idea for Lent via Facebook: discard a bag of junk every day for the forty days of Lent. Not sure I have forty bags of junk to toss or donate, but I'd like to make a stab at that. I dumped the quilt, shams, old sheets, torn pants, and just plain junk garments that I would not consider donating to anyone into a big plastic garbage bag. It weighed a ton when I dragged it out to the trash.

The later afternoon was taken in preparing for Valentine's Day dinner. Since I was home I had a chance to prepare: I made crab ravioli in a butter/white wine sauce I Frankensteined from Kerrygold/ghee/Smart Balance, white wine, Litehouse salad herbs and some extra chives, and a little peach white balsamic vinegar (it didn't come out too bad). Plus we had a cucumber salad, and boxed chocolates from dessert. I gave James the book Viper Pilot and a gift to come tomorrow, and he gave me the book Red, White, and Who: Doctor Who in America. I've been reading it all evening, and Olympic skating has gone by the wayside. (I did watch curling this afternoon.)

[Later: The book was terrific and James liked his other gift, a new stand for his cell phone. I like Amazon Deals of the Day!]

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