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» Friday, February 02, 2018
"And Then It Hit Me..."
It actually hit me today. I was a bit cross because I had a sinus headache and I was trying to get through bouncing from store to store looking for a new comforter. I looked at the time and grumbled "Look at that! It's after noon and I still haven't done everything and then it's going to be Saturday and then Sunday, and then the weekend will be over and I'll have to stop..."

I won't. Wow.

Anyway, today's bullet list:
  • Slept late! Finally!
  • Did get new comforter and found LED ceiling fan bulbs at Target. Sure hope they are not like the LED bulbs we have in the kitchen which keep flashing off and on. Climbing up to replace the ceiling fan bulbs makes me hyperventilate because I don't like being  up that high.
  • Did my hard drive backup.
  • Wasn't impressed with Stein Mart except for the nice quilt tops (solid colors only; the others were too flowery or had lime green). $250 purses? Sorry, not for me.
  • Something ticked me off: stopped at Office Max to check something else out, noticed two little laptops (what they used to call a netbook) on sale. My "Nextbook" still works, but the keyboard attachment is finicky and I can no longer get the memory card out of it. So I wanted to look at both of them, see how fast you could type on them, see what the response time was. Both were password protected. I talked to a cashier (who was very nice and I have no complaint with her) and she said "the tech guy" had them password protected. Unfortunately he wasn't there that day and no one else knew the password! Are you kidding me? How is someone supposed to look at a product and test it out if you can't get into it? James said they put passwords on so that people can't get into the computers, password protect them, and then shut them off, leaving the store unable to log into them. Okay, understandable, but...why not just create an Administrator account that is password protected, and then, as administrator, create a guest account, so someone can log onto the computer and look at how it works, but they can't change anything. And if your "tech guy" was really a "tech guy," he would know that. [eyeroll] Morons!
When James finished work, we went to Olive Garden for supper on the last of the restaurant gift cards he received on his birthday. Thanks again, guys!

After dinner we drove to MicroCenter where I got a retirement gift for myself. I learned to type on a typwriter, and a manual one at that. Computer keyboards generally don't have the feedback you get from a typewriter keyboard. I had a clicky computer keyboard way back until it broke. To get another one I had to buy a gaming keyboard, but it was on sale. From the articles I thought I would have to get Cherry MX Blue switches, but I preferred the Green switches.

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