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» Sunday, January 14, 2018
Yet Another Busy Day

James was wandering the house early again, but I slept in a little to "gird my loins" for the the day. After breakfasts and dog walking—it was another cold morning, with a sharp wind—we went out to finish "putting together" the truck. We gave it "a feed" and then, alas, required a trip to Walmart. Thankfully we found a power cart right off, and it wasn't all that crowded on a Sunday morning. I wanted sweatpants that weren't open at the bottom and another legal file folder, and James needed a few things as well, including a couple of sweatshirts.

Well, you could certainly tell it's been cold! The men's sweatshirt department was practically empty, but we did find two sweatshirts for James. To get sweatpants with a closed leg I had to get a pair of men's sweatpants. Apparently it's now the fashion for women to have open-legged sweatpants whether we like it or not. Picked up new bungee cords for the power chair once we have a lift to put it on again, and new sheets for the bed as well.

When we got home I put new documents (the papers for this house, and the loan on the new truck, and various other things) into the new legal file folder and could finally put both file folders back where they belonged. Did find Twilight's title, but not the old truck's. Where did it get off to? Irritating.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon putting the GPS and the radar detector back into the truck, and setting up the Hum device we have from Verizon. We had to call them to transfer it to a newer model vehicle, and then drive for fifteen minutes to "set" it.

I spent a little of the late afternoon taking down the dining room decorations, but they are not packed away yet. It's just going to take time as I have other things to do. This afternoon I also had to finish washing the towels and putting up the items we had bought. Perhaps more tomorrow.

It had taken us quite a long time to get the things in the truck, so supper ran late. We had tortellini and James watched Guy's Grocery Games and before we knew it it was time for Victoria.

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