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» Friday, November 03, 2017
A Stuffed Nose Makes an Unhappy Linda

Good grief, I have another cold. This one is not like the last. My throat was hurting, but is no longer hurting, but my stupid nose is stuffed. I'm needing to use a generic Sinex to sleep at night, which I don't like because I know you can get addicted to the stuff. Having a stuffy nose on a long weekend is just annoying.

I didn't have anything planned, and really, I didn't do anything much. Yesterday during lunchtime and breaks I put up all the Thanksgiving decorating, so the house looks all warm and hygge even though it's in the bloody seventies outside. Today I went to Sam's Club because I went downstairs last night and discovered we were completely out of Skinny Pop! It's cheaper at Sam's than Costco, as are the mushrooms (that's because Costco has "gourmet" mushrooms, f'gossakes).

So I scooped up both and then also found some pork chops on clearance and some nice thin steaks, and picked up a nice birthday gift for Betty Bouler on the book aisle as well as getting myself a Christmas issue of "Country Home." I stuck the meat in an insulated bag and went to Publix.

Now, we've been trying to find the mint-flavor FiberOne brownies for months now; we haven't seen them at our own Publix and I looked at the Macland Publix last week. So I gave it one more try and did my Publix shopping at what we call "the big Publix," the one on the East-West connector and I-285. Not there either. I will stop looking now. Either FiberOne has quit making them and not taken them off their web page, or Publix just doesn't carry them anymore. But, anyway, I picked up the twofers and skedaddled, but stopped at our Publix because the big one had no French bread.

Lunched when I got home, put the rest of the groceries away, made the bed, and changed all the clocks downstairs to standard time ("Ding-dong, the witch is dead...which old witch? the DST witch..."), and spent the rest of the afternoon relating with two of my favorite guys, Arthur Bryant and John May, in their latest book, Wild Chamber. I never suspected whodunnit, and it's nice to see Raymond Land growing a backbone.

We had supper at O'Charley's and then went to Barnes & Noble, where I picked up the December "Blue Ridge Country." I wanted a book but couldn't find it; maybe tomorrow at the Akers Mill store.

Spend the rest of the evening attempting to breathe.

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