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» Sunday, October 22, 2017
Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

We've tried to have a quiet weekend—sort of the calm before the storm. James' creatitine has climbed to 4.9 and tomorrow we must visit the vascular surgeon to arrange for insertion of a fistula and future kidney dialysis. I feel bad. We've worked so hard, and he's tried so hard with his diet and exercising when he can despite his back and hip and knee pain.

I had Friday off, but spent most of it doing chores. The one thing I had to do was get prescription refills of my heart medication and thyroid pills. Then it was off to Costco to stock up on mandarin orange cups, Tylenol, and small boxes of Kleenex. Also picked up more rice ramen noodles and a copy of the companion book to The Crown. I didn't buy the Victoria companion because it seemed more about the actors than the real-life history. The Crown book has photos of the actors, but the text is about the truth behind the episodes. (I finished it up feeling extremely sorry for Princess Margaret.)

I did get to stop at Barnes & Noble and picked up a couple of holiday magazines (what I call my "Christmas porn") and a new cross-stitch magazine with an adorable fox pattern. Then I picked up lunch at Tin Drum and went home to finish off more dubbing; I have got to get that DVR clear. So on Friday afternoon I finished up Houdini & Doyle. Sometimes goofy series, historically all wrong, but I still enjoyed it, except for the background story they felt they had to make up for Adelaide. Why did she have to be a widow tracking down her deceased husband? Better to have made her an independent woman whose life didn't depend on a stereotype.

(While I was dubbing yesterday at lunchtime I had doing something I'd been planning to do for years: rip only the pages I wanted to keep out of a big three-foot stack of magazines down in the library. They are all fall or Christmas or winter magazines. I kept lovely vistas and photos of frosty valleys and British landscapes and animals and glittering Christmas ornaments, and made a nice stack of pages while the magazines went into the trash.)

We had supper at O'Charley's with a coupon, then stopped at Hobby Lobby to get some superglue, as mine has dried out again despite my best efforts. Found cross-stitich kits on sale and got a Nativity kit and one of a fox, and some cute fall buttons also on sale, and then spent a quiet evening at home and had a nice sleep-in next morning. We decided to brave the Wal of Mart on Saturday morning for some things we needed, including wild bird seed (and where I found an empty line and a free cashier!), then dropped off the yogurt I had picked up, and went to Publix for the rest of the groceries (or so we thought since James had to drop me off at Nam Dae Mun after we finished to get coleslaw). Then we had nothing else to buy or do, so were home for the rest of the day. James made some breakfast burritos for himself during the early evening. This is when I finished reading The Crown, plus I did some tidying and washed my work clothes. We had bought a rotisserie chicken at Publix and had the wings, legs, and thighs for supper.

We had a little scare just before bedtime: James had a slight pressure in his chest. He took a nitroglycerin tablet and it went away, which is what it's supposed to do. Perhaps it was just angina, perhaps lifting the bag with the milk in it up the stairs.

Which left us at this morning: I got up and dressed and ran to Kroger, as we had forgotten to buy onions (you can't cook anything in this house without onions) and cornstarch powder. We also needed cornstarch for cooking. That was the end of any excursions today. I washed towels and James made more burritos with eggs, ground turkey, and the cole slaw I picked up yesterday. I turned on the television and found Anne of Green Gables and its sequels and once again was suckered into watching the end of one and most of the other. Of course I made time to sort both our pills for the week, get my clothes ready for work, and wash the towels, and even spent about a half hour putting all my copies of "Early American Life" in magazine organizers. With the stack of magazines gone and the "EAL" issues in order, it looks much nicer in the library. Still need to do a lot more indexing of Christmas magazines I've kept (Like "Bliss Victoria" and "Victorian Homes") and special editions like the "Life" issues about Neil Armstrong, Teddy Roosevelt, and even Santa Claus.

Some good television watching tonight: two episodes of Aerial America ("West Virginia" and "Beyond Hollywood" about movie locations), the newest "Treehouse of Horror" on The Simpsons and finally Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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