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» Sunday, October 01, 2017
In Kneed

It's been a quiet weekend. James had a big flare-up of gout on Friday, so all we did that evening was have supper at Ken's Grill and drop me in at CVS to pick up some bandages for James' leg (he has bad cellulitis there and occasionally needs it covered). Friday night his left knee was so bad he had to take a pain pill in order to sleep because it was three a.m. and he was still awake. So we were in bed until almost eleven on Saturday and really didn't go anywhere because he was hurting so much. It wasn't much of a loss: although it was cooler than it had been all week, the sun was still scorching. Terry came over and got the two office chairs we are getting rid of, and soon after that, about 3:30 I was getting a killer headache from my stupid glasses, so I invited James to nap with me for a half hour.

And then it was 5:30... We had soup for supper and while wandering around the television dial found Sneakers and kept watching. I think this is the second time I've seen this movie in the last few months; I'd forgotten how much I like it.

Anyway, James got through last night without pain meds and his knee, while not painless this morning, was feeling some better. We had to determine if he was okay enough to go into work tomorrow, so we started by doing the usual Sunday thing: going to the supermarket. We hit Kroger for sandwich bread, the Damned Bananas, and a few things we had coupons for, and sundries like tea. Those were brought home and James thought he felt okay enough to go out and do a couple of other things.

We stopped briefly at Publix for his low-sodium low-carb wraps since he is running low on breakfast burritos, then bought gas for the truck at Costco, and finally took a break and stopped at Barnes & Noble for about an hour. I found the Christmas "Country Sampler" and some pretty little stocking stuffers on discount, and James got a few magazines.

It was also a beautiful day! It was 57℉ this morning and even when we went out was beautifully breezy, with a bright blue sky and shredded-cotton cirrus clouds up ahead. At 12:30 when we were at Costco it was 66 lovely degrees. I took a photo of the red Cumberland Mall sign up against the wonderful blue; the sky never looks like that in summer, but is pale and milky and yellowish at the horizon.

By the time we emerged from the bookstore it was after two. James thought to go to the new Panera for lunch, then just as he turned into the parking lot I realized we had an O'Charley's coupon that would die tomorrow. So we had Sunday dinner instead, 6-ounce steaks and baked potato, me with salad, him with cole slaw. O'Charley's was very crowded, so we had to wait, then more waiting at table, so we had a nice leisurely lunch.

When we got home James worked on his burritos and I sorted his week's pills for him. Wish we had been able to go to "Woofstock," though, the dog exhibition taking place in Smyrna this weekend. It looked like fun. We had light suppers and waited for the season premiere of Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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