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» Saturday, October 28, 2017
Finally Fall...

...although you never would have guessed it by the temperature on Friday: it was up in the 70s again. I took annual leave on Friday to go to the Friends of the Library booksale, which tale is told here. Getting there on time involved rising to a very unwelcome alarm at 7:30, when I was deep into a dream. I recall dreaming all night, including one sequence where I was supposed to be sharing a ride with Sue Phillips, but taking so long to gather all my things that the dream took another tack.

On the way home from the book sale and the library, I stopped at Publix for a loaf of French bread and mortadella, which is what I had for lunch, and dubbed off six Ensign O'Toole episodes to finish up a Ghost and Mrs. Muir favorites collection disk. Probably should have substituted one episode for the first one, but I did keep the one I liked most, "Operation: Sabotage."

James got some really nice restaurant gift cards for his birthday, so we went to Olive Garden for Friday night supper and enjoyed ourselves—thank you to whomever gave him the OG card!—and then finished the evening at Barnes & Noble. I tried buying a "Daphne's Diary" since everything was 20 percent off for members. It's a really nifty looking magazine, but I don't see myself paying the steep price for it. Very pretty, though, and I love the "handwritten" text entries (and the very funny story about her husband and the poem).

It got cool for bedtime, which was wonderful for sleeping. Originally we had planned a "stay in the house" day today, since James' power chair isn't waterproofed and it was supposed to pour, but since the supermarkets have carts of their own, we decided to get groceries out of the way. We stopped at Publix for twofers, including chuck roast for the Instant Pot; now we can make the centerpiece dish for next month's Hair Day. Then we went to Kroger, where we bumped into Terry Smith and Aubrey Spivey doing shopping for Hallowe'en goodies. Terry offered to go pick up our eclipse T-shirts for us, which was really sweet of him. We picked up some pork chops there, but really should have waited, as I found out later, and they were out of the tea James wanted.

We came home and had to rearrange the freezer for the chuck roasts, but managed to get it all wedged in. I suggested we run up to Dallas Highway: Snowy needed birdseed, we could stop at Sprouts for cucumbers (Kroger wanted 79¢ each for theirs and they were dreadful), and then we could try that Kroger for the tea. We brought along another birthday gift card, this one from Panera.

So in turn I ran into Petco for birdseed, a new gravel perch, and a chew toy for the dog, and then into Sprouts. Should have gotten pork here; better looking and cheaper! Did get beef bits, cashews for James, and some great cucumbers at 2/$1. I then wheedled James into letting me stop at Barnes & Noble at the Avenue at West Cobb, where I picked up two Christmas magazines, but didn't find anything good on clearance, and then the Kroger was so crowded we couldn't find a decent close parking space, so I simply ran inside by myself for the tea, grabbing the only two packages left.

By this time it was three o'clock, so we both enjoyed stopping at the new Panera on the East-West Connector. My chicken noodle soup was very orange; I'm guessing they made it with more carrots than usual. By the time we left, it was pouring and cold, and we were very glad to get home and cuddle up in the warm. Watched a couple of Aerial America episodes (Idaho and Kentucky), had an eggnog as a late supper, and ended up taking the dog out twice since the first time I did it was pouring again before I reached the foot of the porch steps. The second time it was in the mid-40s with the wind blowing at a good clip. Hard to believe only a week ago I was dog-walking in a tank top and shorts! Did some fall magazine reading later on: the rest of the October "Early American Life," "Smoky Mountain Living," and "Down East," which had some breathtaking autumn landscapes. I turned a page at least once and just gasped at the lovely country road and brilliant trees.

In the meantime I'll chant happily: "Daylight Saving is over next week, Daylight Saving is over next week..."

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