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» Sunday, October 29, 2017
A Tiny Taste of Winter

We almost literally turned in to hibernate last night: we turned off the light sometime before 1:30 and woke up at four minutes to ten. James was amazed that he'd managed to sleep six hours in a row before having to make a run to the bathroom, and then went immediately back to sleep. I was more restless; it was lovely weather to sleep, but my hips were aching and I kept waking up every time I turned over.

They said it would be cold today, and we could see the trees tossing their leaves back and forth through the big bathroom window. They are still mostly green, but I am hoping last night and tonight will trigger more autumn action. 😁 Had breakfast and didn't take Tucker out until 11:30, where it was still in the thirties with a windchill of 23℉! I threw off my coat when I got in, and went back in the bedroom for warmer clothes: a long-sleeved sweatshirt instead of a short-sleeved one and my boot-length socks. And when we headed back out to the Fall Jonquil Festival, I had my pashmina under my jacket. As we loaded the power chair on the truck, a few errant snowflakes drifted around our heads and the leaves swirled in little miniature tornadoes.

It turned out not to be the optimum weekend for the Festival. Yesterday it poured during the and today it was freezing. A lot of the usual booths were gone, including the Button Girl. We made the circuit, and at least the honey guy was there. This is the man who sells the blackberry honey, which is so good. You can taste the blackberries in it. I also found a Susan Branch book at the Smyrna Library book sale. I usually don't buy them because they are cookbooks, but for $3 it is so pretty!

James bought some jambalaya and red beans with rice to make into lunches (he only has this twice a year when we go to the festival, so I feel like it's an okay treat), and we got barbecue sandwiches, but it was too cold to set them down on a table and eat. What we both really wanted was hot chocolate.

So we drove up to Books-a-Million, surveyed the books, James picked up a "Cook's Illustrated," and we had peppermint hot chocolate in the café. Outside the clouds still gathered, but it was nice and warm in the store, with flashing covers to entertain us. We headed home through a landscape softened by autumn color; the glaring greens gone for lighter ones, and some trees turning color. Nothing brilliant like up north, but muted watercolors of gold and orange and maroon.

Spent the afternoon keeping cozy and reading magazines; James concocted a chicken soup for supper, and we ended up watching the Guy Fieri Network (I mean the Food Channel) and The Durrells in Corfu until it was time for Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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