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» Sunday, September 10, 2017
Storm Watch, Part 3

And then I woke up at 4:40 a.m. and never really got back to sleep! So tired of this, figuratively and literally. I know I did get back to sleep for a tiny bit, because I was dreaming, but not nearly long enough. And here I thought we would get to sleep to 7:30, when we had to get up and head for Stone Mountain.

Last night I had bought the Early Bird tickets so that we didn't have to wait until ten o'clock to get in. It's highway robbery, but half the profit goes to a mobility charity, so I'm not kicking much. At least it was a beautiful day for the Yellow Daisy Festival; when we arrived in the parking lot it was still only about 60°F. We had had to wear long sleeves on the ride over, but took them off before entering the park. (James regretted this. Under the trees it was still cool, even before we left at 1 p.m., and he was cold to the touch.) It never got above about 72, and was comfortable to walk.

So we roamed the paths as always. I stopped at Country Pick'ns per usual; I don't really have any more themes I want to do, but I bought a little star-shaped shadow "box," and a tiny Nativity to put on the little shelf (made of wood molding), and a "Christmas is from the heart" and a plaque about angels to trim it. I also bought a black cat and a ghost to add to the fall shadowbox for Hallowe'en (if I don't forget to put them out as I've done the last few), and just two tiny arrangements (a Santa and gifts and a tree, and a gingerbread boy dancing near a lightpost) to tuck somewhere. I showed the proprietress a picture of my Thanksgiving shadowbox that I made with her things. The lady behind me had a tray full of gardening and outdoor items; she showed us a photo of the fairy garden in a bowl she made from the things she bought last year. She was going to use the new stuff to make another. It was so cute!

We stocked up on the basic "Smack Yo Mama" barbecue sauces; bought another jug of maple barbecue sauce; picked up a couple of new flavors of dip mixes; got James some more "1st Sergeant" salsa (it has no salt or sugar added and the profits go to servicemen); picked up the first of our two fudge desserts for the year; bought small gifts for Juanita, David, Ron, Lin, and James' mom and sister; and bought Tucker some home-made dog treats. James, who is still struggling with back and neck pain, bought a heat up back wrap and a heat up shoulder wrap with flax inside. You heat them in the microwave and apply to the afflicted place. Didn't see any new Christmas CDs, and the Native American artist I used to like does not show up any longer. And at the final woodworking booth on the way out, I picked up a small, cute whatnot shelf for the wall for only $5.

On the way out we saw a beautiful blue-grey 1949 Pontiac in the parking lot near us; I couldn't resist taking pictures so I could show it to my cousin Carol. My Uncle Ralph sold Pontiacs all his life.

We didn't eat there because the corn was so bad last time, but just came home and warmed up our soup from Sprouts when we got really hungry. Before James pulled the truck in, I removed all the small cow and sheep decorations from the front porch, took the wreath in, and the banner, and even took down the handmade autumn leaves that hang on the brickwork, since the forecast still looks pretty bad. They are all dirty with pine pollen anyway; hopefully I can clean them off when I feel better and James will put them back up with masonry hooks rather than stuck up with Scotch outdoor tape like they've been. They are one-of-a-kind since the dealer doesn't come to Yellow Daisy anymore, and I would hate to lose them. Then I put the two porch chairs (just small metal chairs) and the glass-topped table in the garage as well,

I also put the bird feeders in the storage box on the deck, stacked the two plastic Adirondack chairs on each other and stuck the little plastic table under them. And that's our storm prep.

Spent the evening watching the news or whatever was on, which wasn't memorable enough to note here.

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