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» Friday, September 22, 2017
Post Operative Rest

So Thursday we had a long, long sleep. It wasn't anywhere near enough, but the dog had to be walked and things had to be done.

Mostly what James had to do was make followup visits with his regular doctors. He was lucky and got his GP right away, for next Tuesday. The nephrologist didn't have anything until late October, but she put James in that slot and said she would call back if she had cancellations. (She called back later in the day and got him in October 4.) The cardiologist had an opening—at 7:30 tomorrow. At Glenlake. Oy.

Which is why I was up at 5:50 a.m. on Friday (groan...) and we were driving in rush hour traffic to get to the Kaiser Glenlake office near Perimeter Mall. Thirteen miles of aggravation.

The traffic was bad enough that we beat the doctor there. After an EKG, the usual chat, a new prescription for James' new med (Brilinta), and a visit to the lab and the pharmacy, we were out of there. We'd eaten a quick breakfast, but were both thirsty, so we headed to the Barnes & Noble nearby. It's a special member week with an additional discount on everything. I just had lemonade myself, but saw a chai beverage on the menu. James likes chai, so I suggested it. Ugh! He let me sip it; it was SO sweet. He could have had the lemonade, or even a double chocolate chip drink and had less sugar. Won't do that again. James bagged some modeling and aircraft magazines and I found "Project Calm" at the checkout counter. Was tempted by a book, but didn't buy it.

Since Trader Joe's was on the way home, we stopped there for chicken apple sausage and other goodies. The place is full of pumpkin items already: scone mix, cookies, tea, everything, in fact, but James' favorite fruit bars. They said they might have them at the other store.

Then we came home and, tired out from getting up early, did nothing for the rest of the afternoon, which was really a trap. We should have just taken a nap and then gone to Publix or something. Relaxing all afternoon made us feel lousy.

However, the evening was fun: we went to the Spiveys for Aubrey's birthday party. This was a great evening. We got a big surprise at the end of the evening that I won't mention, but needless to say we have some of the best friends in the entire world.

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