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» Sunday, September 24, 2017
Good and Bad Discoveries

We couldn't sleep too late this morning, but I was dismayed to find out James didn't get to sleep until the wee hours. He was the one who was ready for bed early!

We forewent breakfast, except for a BelVita bar, and got to Costco ten minutes after they opened, and the parking lot was already crowded. Luckily a space opened two spaces from the door, so I pulled in there while James got one of the little carts. We found the first thing he was looking for right off, a chair cushion to use at restaurants. His back pain is so bad that he has problems on hard chairs. We also found a new heated throw for him to use in winter (his old one burned out). Plus we got popcorn, milk, Swiffer wipes, a "Milk Street" magazine, and an autumn magazine.

After tucking the milk in the insulated bag, we nipped across the street so I could run into Bed, Bath & Beyond with two expiring coupons. I picked up some LED switchlights for the library bays and, of course, since the rule at BB&B is if you don't need anything else, buy "doggie bags," I did. Tucker will fill them up! 😁 By this time it was getting on to lunch, so I stopped by Tin Drum and got some teriyaki and James got chicken at Pollo Tropical, and we took it home for lunch.

Eeek! I did not notice when I dropped the Swiffer wipes off that the floor in front of the washer was wet, so the box got sodden. I was flummoxed and a lot more upset than I should have been. After all, the washer is 11 1/2 years old. Things happen. Judging by where the water was, I also thought it might be a problem with the dispenser. I watched a YouTube video about this, but it went a little beyond my comfort zone. But I could check out the dispenser, and that's what I did. I've cleaned it out before, and I did again, because the spot where the Downy goes in was sticky and a bit grotty. But I've never checked out the dispenser drawer slot. There was a thick crusty sludge on the bottom of it as if powdered detergent had gotten wet and formed a coating (I've never used powdered detergent in this washer in its life!). Cleaned that out and washed a load of towels, water on the floor. Whew. I guess it backwashed and the sludge got in the way.

Anyway, spent the afternoon half relaxing and watching an entire house-remodeling story on Rehab Addict and reading The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder, which arrived today. Also helped James sort pills, put all the stuff we brought home from the hospital in one place, cleaned the floor in the hall bath, put junk on the table away, and got stuff ready for work tomorrow. Plus the "trick" with the TV worked and it automatically changed channels to Ion Life at seven, so we didn't miss Colour Confidential again. Wish they weren't repeating stuff we'd seen a few months ago. There is a Saturday showing, too, and I wish they'd alternate them.

Ate leftovers for supper, then waited (practically forever) for Star Trek: Discovery. I like the characters, but the stupid show had something like four thousand commercials in it. This is why I DVR everything anymore; too hard to keep track of the plots anymore with all the commercial interruptions! Do you get commercials on CBS All Access, on which the remainder of the series will be shown? If so, it's a big ripoff. Is that all the series is going to be, about the war with the Klingons?

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