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» Saturday, September 23, 2017
Books and Mags and Friendship, O My!

It was a relief to sleep later, but this won't last: James' doctor said he can go back to work Monday. Sigh. I could use a few more days of sleeping late! Just a few more moments of peace.

At least we had energy to work on today, because we were busy. We had breakfast at the IHOP on Dallas Highway, then went to the Barnes & Noble out a little further to check out their magazines. Score! One "Country Living" Christmas issue, a fall magazine, plus the new "Breathe," and I am trying "Lapham's Quarterly." I've been seeing this on the stand for a while, but it is very expensive; it collects essays on a different subject every three months. I skipped "Discovery" in the spring, didn't want "Fear" this summer (summer's fearful enough, thank  you), but since I had 20 percent off everything, I thought I'd give "Music" a try. I also bought Caroline since there was such a discount on it. I have another Laura Ingalls Wilder book coming from Amazon as well, and am reading a third on Netgalley! James bought a discount teacup gadget as well.

We also stopped by Hallmark, as they have some items on sale until the end of the month that I thought would make good gifts. We bought two different presents.

Next we wanted to stop at the market, so we took the shortest way to where Publix and Sprouts lie across the street from each other. We stopped at Sprouts first, mostly buying meat (except pork, because Publix has pork loin slices on BOGO), plus some shredded chicken. At Publix we picked up the pork, some other twofers, low-salt lunchmeat for James, and some bagged salad (also twofer)—and the Damned Bananas, sadly. So with the shredded chicken and the salad and some slivered almonds, we had a nice low-carb lunch to make up for breakfast being the opposite.

At 5:40, we went rushing off to David Gibson's birthday dinner (rushing because I thought it was at  6:30, not at 6). We were right on time and had a great meal (Keegan's Irish Pub is usually great for food) with our friends (most of whom we saw yesterday). Came home relaxed and happy, and willing to drift off to bed at a decent hour. Watched some Lassie to chill out completely.

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