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» Tuesday, August 22, 2017
The Great American Eclipse 2017, Part 3: Sunset
Wouldn't you know that I slept worse at the nice hotel than at the tatty one? This was a problem in March, too: I find the bed in the room where we usually sleep (the handicapped access one, where James doesn't have to step over the side of the tub) very uncomfortable. And their pillows are too soft. I had two and they still didn't prop up my head as is needed. While my infection seems to be gone, my stupid nose is still running. It's like being in a mucus marathon. Yuck.

No one in the common room this morning at all after we packed a little and went to breakfast. We knew Juanita and David had gone with the Boulers to breakfast at Wendell's, but didn't see anyone else until John Campbell and the Boroses came into sight in the breakfast room. Country Inn and Suites has a good breakfast bar: eggs, sausages, biscuits, four kinds of cereal, three kinds of juice, bread and bagels with a toaster, fruit, milk, and other goodies. We talking with Phyllis about teachers (and how they just aren't paid commensurate with what they do) for a long while, and then with heavy hearts set out to finish packing and load the truck. We said goodbye to Bill and Caran, who were also loading up.

We'd planned to stop at Dawsonville at the outlet stores, but halfway there James said he just really wanted to get home, so that's what we did, just went directly to the vet's office. It was so funny: they brought Tucker out first, and, unlike in March, he came racing out, bounced at my leg, and then went directly to James, all excited, jumping all over him. In fact, he was so enraptured with the fact that we were back that he completely missed the big, black cat that was sitting on the front desk, observing him with unblinking yellow moons of eyes. This is the new office cat; I've forgotten his name, but he was a pantherlike, well-muscled cat with an unflinching stare.

Then Tucker twigged. He froze between James' legs and stared at that cat and started making anxious, worried, eager little whines and cries, and then started to jump forward, but James snubbed him in. He continued to whine and cry and try to go after that cat; someone finally picked the cat up and put him in one of the offices, a good thing, too, because he probably would have scared Snowy to bits. Snowy came out already ready in his little carry box, the nurse helped us wrap up the cage in a plastic, and we were off.

Snowy sang all the way home, which took some time since we had to turn back at a bad accident and find our way out of the neighborhood we were in. By the time we got home, we were starving. We'd remembered the leftover barbecue pork from last night, and James made sandwiches of it—it made four sandwiches, two for each of us!

And that was the end of our Eclipse Odyssey. I shoved everything in the suitcase into the washer and nearly drowned the suitcase in Lysol. And then I washed the clothes in the hamper, too, because Tuesday's my regular laundry day anyway. James thawed out some already cooked pork chops for supper, and we roved around the television looking for something that was a reality show. We ended up watching the specials the Science Channel did on the eclipse. It was actually kind of dull, since they duplicated a lot of scenes in the last special from the first special, and the "live coverage" was just intermittent live reports from Oregon between showings of a special on the sun and a special on the moon. Should have recorded the NASA coverage.

Sigh. Work tomorrow...

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