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» Saturday, August 05, 2017
Sometimes It's Unexpected

We totally expected to eat at O'Charley's on Friday night, but by the time we got there every parking space was taken, so we shifted gears and went to Uncle Maddio's for pizza instead. We used to go to SteviB's sometimes, but Uncle Maddio's is just so much better for just a bit more, and their pizza crust is wonderful. And I judge pizza by its crust!

We took care of Publix after eating supper on Friday, although going to a different Publix didn't totally solve the problem of something we were looking for, and I had to got to Customer Service to get them to give us our discount on a couple of things that we had coupons for.

After a relaxing evening and a nice sleep-in, we had a good Saturday. We both had 20 percent off Barnes & Noble coupons, but this one had a wrinkle: we could only use them at Perimeter Mall. However, I wanted to go to the Container Store anyway.

We started out with lunch at Panera. Sadly, they've gotten rid of the Chinese Citrus Salad James liked, but he had an Asian salad with half a panini and I had my usual soup with a plain bagel and cream cheese. The Cumberland location was still processing breakfast orders we were so early. Once we finished eating we were on to Perimeter. I just wanted more of the metal "clothespin" clamps they have; we use them to close bags (like popcorn bags) instead of those bulky "chip clips" and for hanging things (like the facecloths in the bathroom). Of course we browsed the store—the Container Store is so about "this is cool but damn we can't afford it"—and I picked up a clear plastic corner basket that had lost its suction cups. It can still be useful for keeping things.

I picked up what I was looking for at Barnes & Noble, the new Georgina Rannoch mystery, but James couldn't come up with his choice, the new Larry Correia "Monster Hunter" book; it had been released earlier in the week but was not in the store. But we went to customer service and the associate ordered the book for him, using the coupon, and it will be mailed free to us. James also picked up some modeling magazines and a new "Cooks," while I was disappointed in not finding the new "Breathe." I should really get "Breathe" on my tablet; it's cheaper, but I like to have it as a bedtime read because it's about relaxation and tablet reading is a no-no before bed.

Seeing that I did not find it at the Perimeter Barnes & Noble, James stopped at the door of the Akers Mill store so I could run in, but I didn't find it there, either. Oh, well. As a final stop I ran into CVS with a 30 percent off coupon to get more BreatheRights and something for my rash (an annual summer occurrence). There was a third thing I'd wanted, but I had forgotten what is was.

So we came home to chill out for a while, played with Tucker, and pretty much zoned out until James said "Aren't we going to supper?" Oh, dear. It was almost seven o'clock! O'Charley's would be packed again. So we went up to the Fried Tomato Buffet, which wasn't crowded, and had barbecue ribs and other goodies, then James sat in the car while I ran into JoAnn with a couple of coupons (I got another Command container and more Aida cloth—and guess what I found there: the new "Breathe"!).

The most wonderful thing was coming home from JoAnn. Now that the sun was down, James was able to sit in the car outside the store with the windows down, and it was cool enough—on August 4!—to drive with the windows down and not feel like you were smothering and dripping with sweat! I was running out of gas, so we just came home via Barrett Parkway and got gasoline and shopped at the Kroger on Dallas Highway—I needed sandwich bread anyway, so we'd have to come by on Sunday, since Smyrna is back to baking buns embedded in cornmeal. And on the way home we stopped at Baskin-Robbins for a dessert ice cream.

A nice day altogether, and something soothing to read at bedtime.

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