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» Sunday, August 06, 2017
Nothing Works Around There

Another nice sleep this morning, although a much more challenging day awaited. James was out of breakfast burritos completely, and we had forgotten to get "plastic cheese" (Kraft cheese slices) for them. Sigh. Well, I wanted to go back to CVS anyway; the item I'd forgotten was Gold Bond medicated powder and I really needed it with the summer rash and all. So after I walked Tucker, I got in the car and drove up to the CVS on Milford Church Road, which is next to a Walmart Neighborhood Market (basically a grocery store). I could get the cheese there.

To my jaw-dropping amaze, CVS had no Gold Bond, or any kind of talcum/cornstarch period! They suggested I go to Walmart! So I did, and I got the cheese and the Gold Bond. Abso-fragging-lutely preposterous.

I had noticed the other day that my right front tire seemed low, so I went out of my way to the QT (because they are the only ones that have free air) on Austell Road. I pulled up next to a lady with a nearly flat tire, who looked at me with big eyes and mouthed "It's broke. No air." I bulged my eyes back and mouthed "No air?" She shook her head, looking absolutely frazzled. Sigh. Pulled out and drove home, but have no idea what she was going to do. She needed even a little air to get home without ruining the tire. Some stupid vandals probably damaged the air pump. They think it is funny.

I dropped off the cheese with James, picked up a towel and the dog soap, and transported Tucker to Petco and the dog wash. This time there was a chow chow being bathed in the lefthand tub and a shepherd-cross getting "drowned" in the righthand one, so we were pig in the middle. Tucker had been really eager to go out until faced with the washtubs, and did a passable imitation of Ophelia drowning during the entire affair. He made everyone laugh, though, when I was done with him and kept shaking my hand at him and saying "Shake!" and he shook off every time. This was something I had taught Willow and have been teaching Tucker.

On the way home we passed another QT and I was able to get some air (after the dude with the BMW blocked the parking space near the air hose). Tucker passed out from exhaustion after his ordeal and was quiet all afternoon. I helped James bag some burritos and made the bed and washed out Tucker's bedding, and chilled out watching more of Ray Mears' Wild Britain.

Supper was chicken and wild rice soup and we were able to watch Colour Confidential this week except the very end of the second show when a rainstorm stamped its way in with a great noise of thunder and blotted out the signal. Isn't it funny how analog television never failed during storms and digital always does? Seems like technology is regressing sometimes. It was a rerun anyway. I know we've missed some, but we haven't reached them yet.

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