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» Saturday, August 26, 2017
No Go, Yo Ho, and Five-0

First on today's agenda: sleep! Wonderful sleep, on soft, fluffy feather pillows, with fans beating around us. And then breakfast.

We had a nice quiet day planned, with just a few errands. First we needed to go up to Kaiser's TownePark office where the urgent care clinic is and therefore an open pharmacy, as James had forgotten to order one of his prescriptions, and he only had two days worth of pills left. Then we were going to stop at Publix for a few twofers and then kick back at Barnes & Noble. The Town Center store usually has the best magazines.

Well, damned if we didn't drive all the way up to Kaiser—a twenty minute ride!—only to be told it was "too soon" for James to be reordering that prescription. We would have to come back tomorrow!!! James had already planned to cook burritos tomorrow for his breakfast stash. Grr.

We stopped at Publix anyway, because now he would have to cook burritos tonight, and then still did stop at the bookstore, only we couldn't stay long because we had yogurt and egg rolls in the insulated bag. Luckily it was mostly cloudy and we didn't have to worry about the sun  beating on the bag as well. Hit the jackpot inside: a new "Bella Grace," the latest "Just Cross Stitch" with autumn patterns, a new "Blue Ridge Country" with fall excursions, and "Country Living Autumn Decorating." James was going to buy a book, but we should get a coupon next weekend and that will help cut the cost of it, so he put it back.

Then we had to dash home so James could start the burrito marathon. It turned out he couldn't finish because one of the packages of Swiss cheese he had—he uses Swiss because it has the least sodium—turned out to be moldy. He did get sixteen made. While he was cooking I put up some hooks, cleaned the toilet in the hall bath, and played some records while I was tidying up.

When he finished up we went to Fried Tomato Buffet for supper and then had ice cream for dessert, and watched a couple of episodes of Hawaii Five-0. (We still have five to go for this season.)

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