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» Saturday, August 12, 2017
Elevator Days

It was a highly productive Friday, but a rotten Saturday.

I was woken a bit earlier than I wanted on Friday by a text on my phone. James had forgotten his morning pills. So I dragged myself from bed, had breakfast and took Tucker on a good walk before bundling up what I needed and heading out. My first port of call was Walmart, to get some accordion folders for cleaning out our wretched financial files. (Last week James had to go renew his driver's license; to renew your license now you practically have to give them your firstborn: birth certificate, social security card, two bills establishing residency, and, if you were in the service, a DD-214. We couldn't find the DD-214 before he went, but that was because it was in a third accordion file I didn't see down there. It didn't matter; he did get the license.) Relax, folks, Christmas is not out at Walmart yet, no matter what people are saying. 😀 Also bought James some five-pound weights. Since it's getting more difficult for him to walk, he has been trying to do some other kind of aerobic exercise. I only had two-pound weights in the house; he's been using those, but it wasn't much of a stretch for him.

Then I drove past James' building to transfer custody of the pills, and went to Costco for gasoline, before arriving at my goal for the day: the book sale at the Northside Library. I picked up a couple of Christmas books for myself (one of old-fashioned stores and another called Holmes for the Holidays) and a copy of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories (truly, I've never read them, but always see them quoted), plus a book for a gift and another for someone who collects a series.

On the way home from the book sale I did the shopping at Publix (all very exciting stuff! [eyeroll]) and then came home to have some leftover barbecue beef and French bread for lunch. Worked on a website page until James came home. From there we had supper at O'Charley's and dessert at Baskin-Robbins.

Today we'd been planning to have lunch at Giovanni's, but James remembered he had his club meeting. It was actually fortuitous, because just before bed last night, sometime around the time I took my shower, I developed a sore spot on the back of my throat. Whether I slept with my mouth closed or open, the air flowing back and forth over the sore spot irritated it and made me cough. I'd wake up every hour, go in the bathroom, and drink to try and get rid of the infernal tickle, and then go back to bed. Hour after hour... Gah. When I did finally get up my nose was stuffy and I felt feverish and exhausted, despite having no fever.

So James went off to his meeting and I finally decided to sit down and finally dub some stuff off the DVR. So basically all day I've been watching the rest of season 7 of Castle and mourning how they ruined the show in season 8 (which I completely erased from the DVR because it was so loathsome). James went to fetch some supper from Giovanni's, but it didn't taste very good, and as the night has gone on my throat is feeling worse again and I'm coughing. Between episodes I cleaned bits in the kitchen and in the bathroom and made the bed and filled the bird feeders. I bored Tucker silly and he spent the afternoon sleeping in his cave, but I had Snowy song to make me feel better.

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