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» Sunday, July 23, 2017
Summer When It Sizzles

Alas, up late last night watching Sneakers and parts of Jurassic Park, and blogging, so no early rising for us this morning, which means it was already in the eighties and sizzling when we went to Publix. We said screw it and just paid the stupid $2.99 each for a gallon of milk and took our groceries and went home and stayed home. It got hotter and hotter until the heat index was up to 102°F. No thanks. We stayed in watching Cheaper by the Dozen (the original) and This Old House.

Got a surprise at five o'clock: no Colour Confidential. They've moved it to seven p.m. More time to watch This Old House, but when we got to seven o'clock Ion Life wasn't coming in well and the episode they were showing was a show we'd seen several months ago. So we went back to finish the Arlington (MA) house on This Old House (yes, we are way behind, mostly because GPB and WPBA between them have so much fundraising we were missing a bunch of episodes. We watched them on PBS instead, via the Roku box. The Arlington people must have big pockets. Marble countertops in the kitchen! A dreamy paint technique on the wall of the daughter's room done by a professional! A separate "shed" for mom's yoga! Thank God, they decided not to paint the original woodwork in the living room. I mean, it's genuine oak and you want to paint over it with white paint so the room won't be dark? You need to watch Jane Lockhart, who will show you how to brighten up a dark room!

The only thing we both hated were the big ugly curved piers on the front porch. No. Just no.

Interested in seeing the Detroit house. Supposedly the family helps on this one.

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