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» Sunday, July 09, 2017
Strong and Weak-End

Friday tipped back and forth between being good and bad. Good was that I got an order done, but by the time I got it done Puli had left. I could have finished earlier if I'd sacrificed my usual lunch hour and took it later, but by noon I had a pitiless migraine and I spent my lunch hour in a dark room. The rest of the evening wasn't bad: we went to Fried Tomato Buffet (mostly for the shrimp) and then James dropped me off at JoAnn with three coupons. I got two more Command containers (which are always useful) and a plug I can use with USB plugs instead of prongs. They also had autumn decorations out. I wasn't fond of most of it, but there were pumpkins covered with feathers (looked like pheasant-type feathers) and also pumpkins made of twisted, fall-colored raffia. Interesting.

We were going to stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond with a coupon, but a huge black cloud had built up while we were at the buffet. The rain started falling while I was in JoAnn (luckily James had decided to cover the power chair while I was shopping), but we skirted it going home and saw a lovely partial rainbow in the process.

Saturday we had a full plate in the morning/early afternoon. James was looking for a model base, so he dropped me in Michaels. Passed by their autumn decorations to check out the wood. The piece was so inexpensive it wasn't worth using a coupon on, so I went over to the jewelry area to buy a fine chain for a project. (It looked like gold in the store, but when I got home I realized it was silver. I'll have to rework the project.)

We finally reached Bed, Bath & Beyond. We decided to invest in one of those carts with the three wheels, because sometimes it's a stretch getting the groceries up the stairs. (I'm going to try using it with the laundry, too. The clothes are pretty heavy.)

It was lunch time by then and we ate at the Corner Bakery Cafe, which is kind of a Panera clone without the bread. They have a "pick two" system as well, and I got a cup of soup (good, but not like Panera's) and some cavatelli in marinara sauce. Great cavatelli, but the tomato sauce is so sweet you could spread it on bread with peanut butter.

Finally we stopped at Barnes & Noble for a little down time. I found a humorous book about decluttering, and James found a new "1632" novel and a magazine. Then we headed home to get cool and assemble a couple of gifts.

At six o'clock we arrived at Longhorn for a nice dinner with friends. Phyllis and Mel Boros' son Robb was in town with his two daughters, Sophie and Ziva, and we were helping them celebrate. We met Robb's friends, a nice couple, the wife who had lived in Warner Robins, and enjoyed a good dinner. We were also celebrating Charles Rutledge's birthday and had cake for dessert.

I had also brought Juanita's birthday gift with me so she could have it for camping. It is a little pouch in the Cunningham (her maiden name) tartan with an angel pin with her birthstone on it. Inside I put a little travel size adult coloring book of wild animals, colored pencils, and a sharpener. She was thrilled, which made me happy; I'd been so chuffed when I found the Cunningham bag. Birthday gifts sometimes are hit-and-miss; at least this was a hit.

As the party was winding down, we noticed clouds gathering outside the window. Radar showed a squall coming, so we hurried out and drove home, relieved to see the sun. Except that the moment we pulled in the garage we heard a "boom" that sounded like a cannon simultaneous with a flash of light. The next thing we knew, it was pouring, the wind gusting out of the north and the water sluicing down the street.

Went to bed relatively early for a Saturday, which brought us to this morning. I had a strangely restless night, waking once because I was cold enough to use the spread (really odd!) and another time to use the bathroom,  having weird dreams I didn't remember. So we both were up rather early and rushed through breakfast to go to Kroger before the next wave of shoppers came. We managed pretty well and were home before 11:30.

While I'd like to report we did something exciting during the afternoon,  We sorted our drugs for the week and otherwise got ready for work tomorrow. I washed the towels and made the bed. James cooked up some ground turkey and beef for breakfast burritos. I watched a few episodes of Doctor in the House (yes, this series is very old-fashioned and no longer politically correct, but it's still very funny; a shame Barry Evans died so young) and the "Gone West" episode of America. Took a short nap and then James made oriental chicken salad for supper. After the news and a "Grandma and Grandpa" Guy's Grocery Games, we are watching America in Color: the 1930s and are waiting for the new Amelia Earhart special.

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