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» Sunday, July 16, 2017
Routine Sunday

I guess I slept better than last night. Except it was filled with bad dreams. It's either one thing or the other.

We were up early enough to get to Kroger ahead of the crowds, walking the dog, but abandoning breakfast, so had a leisurely shopping experience, checking out the fruit and the meat managers' specials and some sales along with our list, and were home about 10:30. Once we'd put all up and had breakfast, we hopped out for just a little while again to pick up a few other things: tea at Nam Dae Mun, a chair cushion for James at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then gasoline for the truck at Kroger. James has been having terrible trouble with his knees since he sat on a bad chair at work, and today he was just miserable, so we simply headed home after finishing.

Spent the afternoon doing chores: sorting pills for the week, cleaning the bathroom, getting clothes ready for work, cleaning out the kitchen sink, the usual junk. James made more breakfast burritos. I washed the towels and took Tucker outside and read "Blue Ridge Country" (looks like there are a lot of eclipse get-togethers planned in the area of totality).

Barbecue pork and roast potatoes were the supper du jour, and we watched America's Funniest Home Videos, America in Color (the 1940s tonight, with the scenes of the Japanese internment camps just making me angry and sad all over again), and now I have found a show called This Old Horse where a filmmaker is talking about movie horses, starting with John Wayne's horses.

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