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» Friday, July 14, 2017
Colonel McKean, Please!...It's Too Hot

Since everyone knows that I sleep late on my day off (well, if I have nothing else going on), I'll skip that part, and the inevitable breakfast and dog walk.

But it was going to be hot, so after that I got dressed and went out as quickly as possible.

First I had to pick up two prescriptions at Kaiser. I read the free "Points North" magazine in the waiting room (neat article about Airstream trailers), so that was soon completed. Then I went to Barnes & Noble in Buckhead since it's been a month and I was hoping on a new "Best of British." Found one, too, and a new "Project Calm" with a seashore theme. At the end of one row I found the magazine "The Horn Book." If you've never heard of this famous magazine, it was founded in 1924 and is the magazine for children's/young adult book reviews. I'd never seen one and picked it up, and it opened immediately to a four page tribute to one of my late online friends, Peter D. Sieruta, who died--is it that long now?--five years ago after complications from surgery. I never met Peter, but I followed his blog, "Collecting Children's Books," and his personal Facebook page, I remember he was just discovering the joys of new home ownership when he passed away. Peter used to write for "The Horn Book" and had just completed co-authoring a book when he died. Weird how it opened at just that place.

It was warm in the store, so I was happy to get in the car and pump up the A/C to drive back to Akers Mill and have lunch at Tin Drum.

Finally I went by Publix and did the twofer thing.

It was not a productive afternoon. I put some things away, but ended up with a sinus headache and finally retreated to the futon for an hour, then got dressed again just in time to take Tucker outside and then wait for James to show up. That few minutes out in the sun with the dog were horrible. It was about 93 and unless you were in the shade, the heat seemed to take the oxygen out of the air. By the time we went to dinner, I was sorry I'd make that choice. All that Chinese food just made me queasy. Brought me back to summer nights when I was a kid and it was so hot in the house I couldn't eat. I'd have a chicken wing or a couple of slices of cucumber and just drink lemon-lime Zarex syrup and water or milk all night.

Been keeping cool tonight and will be in bed soon to be up early tomorrow for the Hallmark Ornament Premiere.

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