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» Saturday, July 01, 2017
Big Bang Weary

Very strange dream last night, or actually this morning; our friend Jen's parents dropped by our house to drop off some of my mother's clothes. What the hell? We have never met Jen's parents, and we did not know her when my mom was alive. Yet they had met my mother; she'd stayed at their house and left some clothes behind. I recognized them, too, especially one of her cardigans. How bizarre is that? Plus in this dream, we had just moved into another house with a small enclosed porch on the front and I was thinking "I can decorate this for Christmas!"

We didn't have any plans for today except going to Petsmart to get Tucker a new harness. The old one was bought when he was younger and now is a little too small. We did this around noon. They were adopting cats today, but Tucker was too interested in the other dogs to pay much attention (face to face with two cats in a crate, he seems a bit astonished). We ended up getting a purple harness and buying a purple collar to match (like Londo Mollari in Babylon 5, he's now "stunning in purple"). Not getting him the whole kit, though; the red leash can stay. Also got some seed for Snowy, and, while James kept Tucker company in the truck, ran next door to Michaels to pick up some Command hooks. To my delight they had fall stuff out! Pumpkins, autumn flowers in different muted hues, containers referencing falling leaves and Thanksgiving, owls and foxes and squirrels made out of brushy stuff.

We took Tucker home and, not wanting to veg all afternoon, decided to have our big meal at lunch and just graze at supper. Thus we drove out to Acworth and had lunch at Longhorn: six ounce Renegades with salads as sides, and bread as a chaser. When we emerged from the pleasant gloom of the restaurant the sky was still mostly cloudy, with the sun peeking around the edges. I "drove" the power chair across the parking lot to Books-a-Million while James followed in the truck, and then we swapped off. Several minutes later James was looking at the magazines, and I was looking at the books when a too-familiar sound came from overhead: the sound of rain pounding against the roof. Looked outside in disbelief to see Georgia Monsoon Season in full swing, an almost solid curtain of rain drumming on the pavement like Ringo Starr at a big concert. It faded out and came back several times, so we just browsed at leisure and shared a frozen hot chocolate as a dessert.

Stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up a few necessary things, like bread for work.

It's been a quiet evening figuratively: watched part of a Wild Wild West episode, a new Father Brown, and a series about forgotten American history on the American Heroes Channel. However, outside all hell was breaking loose: we could hear fireworks from several directions and thunder was rumbling in accompaniment to lightning on the edges of the sky. Tucker's eyes got very large and, although he did come out with me, he kept stopping and staring, transfixed, in the directions of the noise. When he would do this instead of trying to run back to the house, I would praise him greatly. Not sure if the tranquilizer pills I got him yesterday are having any effect (they're not real drugs, but stuff like chamomile and melatonin). The noise, however, didn't keep him from wanting treats. Afterwards I slipped outside; someone on the other side of the development, I think on Landmark Street, always has these big fireworks. Some of them sound like mortars! And of course they had roman candles, so I enjoyed a short show.

Tucker, though, just curled up in a tight ball on James' recliner and tried to ignore it all. Poor puppy.

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