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» Sunday, June 04, 2017
No Pressure

We were up wayyyy late last night, so we slept in this morning. James took Tucker out and we had breakfast. We had no plans for today, but after checking the weather report, James thought he might want to go get his laptop since it looks like it may rain all day tomorrow. So once the rain that was falling this morning slacked off, we went over to his work to fetch it; it drizzled on and off, but never did pour. It was nice and cool for driving, but sticky as glue once you stopped.

We got all the broken things taken in the garage recycling box and then sat to give the sound bar a real test: Twister. For the first time in a long time I could hear all the dialog and the thunder rumbled and the tornado roared quite nicely in the background.

We had bought a nice roast at Sam's, and James decided to test out the pressure cooker. It has a voice that instructs you what to do. He didn't put it in until three, right before we started the movie, and by six it was still "setting pressure." So I guess whomever sold it to "Grandma's Attic," the thrift shop we bought it from, sold off something that didn't work. How rude. We will put it in the box with the electronics recycling. 😒

All the broadcast stations were coming in so well this morning that I ran the scan of the channels again. I had already done this last week, hoping we could get Ion Life in better (and we did; it is no longer dropping out during Colour Confidential) and lo and behold, in came RetroTV! We haven't gotten Retro since they moved from channel 32.7. Still no GPB, which irritates me no end; why does WPBA (Atlanta PBS) have a strong enough signal and not Georgia PBS? Found a couple of new channels, but still mostly Christian, Spanish, and shopping, so while I found 84 over-the-air channels, I only kept 35, and one was QVC, because they'll be doing Christmas in July. Still no METV, still no Hero & Icons. We are supposed to get them over the air, but apparently not on this side of town. If you live in another area of Atlanta, you get it. Bizarre.

Of course, I expect when Doctor Simon Locke rolls back around on Tuesday, Retro will suddenly vanish...

Tested out using the Aux feed on the speaker to play a little of a "Travel with Rick Steves" and also tried it on Tune-In Radio to play music. Splendid. Wondering if I need to invest in a portable CD/cassette player so I can play my cassettes at Christmastime. I have a portable CD player that I bought about ten years ago to play MP3 radio shows, but I notice it's been skipping when playing CDs and it doesn't play cassettes.

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