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» Friday, June 30, 2017
Mind the Wet Spots

The weather report was right about today: it dawned grey with portents of rain. The weather report had been so dire James had permission to telework. He was already up and working when I got up, and the sky was spitting when I took Tucker out. I ignored it because I had errands to run. First on the agenda was gasoline, so I went to Costco where it was cheap and, at least on a Friday before noon, pretty much empty.

One of the necessary errands wasn't Barnes & Noble, but I stopped anyway. I decided to pick up the "Breathe" List Journal, and also found Star Wars FAQ remaindered along with a book about the history behind the exhibits at Disney World. It was raining in earnest when I emerged as I hopped across the street to get some "natural" doggie tranquilizers for Tucker and the coming ordeal of fireworks. I'd seen these at Petco the last time I went and the cashier said they worked on her dog; she lives near SunTrust Park and they have fireworks after the games. Since it has stopped raining and the clouds were now high, I walked past Party City to go into Office Max and get some black magic markers.

Georgia Monsoon Season exploded as I was picking them out. 😕 Oh, well, it was only water. I was going to stop at Publix on the way home, but never mind that. Got in just as James was having his lunch, so I had mine as well. Didn't do much in the afternoon; fact is I fell asleep on the sofa about quarter to four and woke up in a hurry as James signed off work at five so I could walk Tucker.

Since he was working at home and we could get out of the house quickly, we decided to go to West Cobb Diner for supper. James has been getting out so late on Friday that by the time we get there the wait is pretty long. So we enjoyed our turkey dinners, and then went to Publix. They had chicken and wild rice soup on the bar, so we have Sunday night supper sewed up. Wended our way through the twofers and got some treats for the Fourth—fingerling potatoes, corn on the cob, mini chocolate silk pies—and then stopped for dessert at Baskin-Robbins.

Our last stop was at Office Max again so I could pick up a refill for my old Sheaffer pen. When I was in elementary school, we were provided with pens, pencils, paper, crayons, etc. Once you got to junior high, you had to buy your own. I think most everyone just bought BIC pens and were done with it, but I told my mom I wanted a "real" pen. What she bought me as an elementary school graduation gift was a Sheaffer pen, and thereafter I had to supply the refills for it. I can't tell you how many stories I wrote with this pen! So now it is "inked" again and I can use it for the "Breathe" journal.

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